Duo Diary Review A Diary For Mom And Baby

Before I was a mom I was a nanny. I often cared for newborns. Part of my job was to keep track of baby’s day. When they ate, slept, peed, pooed, and what we did throughout the day. I would often write this all down in a spiral notebook but it was messy and irritated my OCD side. I recently discovered Duo Diary and wish I had known about it sooner!

Duo Diary is a two sided diary that allows you to track baby’s day as well as moms. Duo Diary is great for caregivers as well as new moms. After I had my first baby I did not remember ANYTHING! I still have trouble remembering things. With my first baby it was easy to remember when I changed her diaper and when she slept and ate because she would sleep, poo and wake herself up then eat. It was a nice easy schedule to remember. My second baby, however, would sleep when she wanted, pooped once a day, and ate sparingly. It was hard to remember what she did, when she did it and how often she did it. Plus I had my oldest child to chase after. I would often worry about when the last time she pooped was and would struggle to remember. Needless to say, it was very difficult to remember what happened during the day. The Duo Diary is a great way to keep track of baby’s schedule as well as moms.


Not only can you track your schedule with Duo Diary, there is also space to write in notes. For parents this would be a great way to write daily about your child. I know I try to write in a diary for my children but I often forget. Jotting down a little about the day or a special thing that happened that day is the perfect way to use the notes space in Duo Diary.

On the baby side of Duo Diary there is space for the time, minutes or ounces, pumped, wet/dirty, sleep and an extra empty space. At the bottom there is space labeled notes with lines for you to write about the day. On the caregiver side of Duo Diary there is space for time, food, sleep, exercise and water. There is also a space called notes. I love that Duo Diary does not just focus on baby but also on mom as well. It is so important to make sure you sleep, eat, drink enough water, and exercise. As a new mom we often do not think about these things. Baby tends to come first and mom forgets herself. Duo Diary helps us to remember to care for ourselves as well.


Duo Diary comes in a small spiral bound notebook and contains enough pages for one month. At the end of the book there are 4 pages for more notes. I really love how Duo Diary helps track baby’s schedule but also allows you to keep a daily journal of baby and mom’s life.


You can purchase a single, one month Duo Diary for $12.95, a 3 pack for $38.85, a 6 pack for $69.99 and a 12 pack for $129.99. If you purchase your Duo Diary before Cyber Monday you can buy a 3 pack for $29.13!

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17 thoughts on “Duo Diary Review A Diary For Mom And Baby”

  1. This is a great idea! My wife and I would have loved to have one of these when our two girls were younger. Reflecting on your day is always great. We usually make a false assumption that we will be able to remember everything, only to forget. I usually use Google Calendar to record my memories as well, so that they are searchable. This would make a great gift for a new mom that loves to journal!

    1. Isn’t this awesome? I have a six month old cousin and know this would be fabulous. Do people still have baby showers? Most of my tribe feels like baby showers are unvarnished solicitations for gifts people don’t need. But I could make an exception.

      1. Many first time parents have baby showers! It is a great time to celebrate the new parents and new baby.

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