Driver’s Little Helper Car Seat Monitor Review

Car seat safety is very important. Children should be buckled and sitting in their car seat while the car is being driven. Some children like to escape from their car seat. Driver’s Little Helper Car Seat Monitor is a wonderful device that lets parents know if their child is out of their carseat. Driver’s Little Helper Car Seat Monitor was developed by a dad who’s toddler often wiggled out of her carseat. Driver’s Little Helper Car Seat Monitor allows the driver to know when the child is out of their car seat immediately so one can safely pull over and put the child back in the car seat.


What comes with your Driver’s Little Helper Car Seat Monitor is an infant sensor pad, a battery pack and instructions. Driver’s Little Helper does have a toddler sensor pad you can use in a convertible car seat or a booster seat and will be available for purchase soon. The infant sensor pad is used in an infant or convertible car seat with babies 5 pounds and up. Driver’s Little Helper uses bluetooth technology to link the car seat sensor to the app on your phone.

Driver’s Little Helper has a sensor pad that goes inside your child’s car seat, under the fabric, over the shell. The sensor pad has a cord that sticks out of the car seat and attaches to a little gray box. This box is what holds the batteries and can be clipped onto the back of your car seat, away from baby. To use Driver’s Little Helper you do need to instal an app, which is super easy and free. Once the Driver’s Little Helper app is installed you need to set it up. To set up the Driver’s Little Helper you make sure your bluetooth is turned on, use the search for Driver’s Little Helper feature and sync them. You have the option of entering your child’s name and adding a photo. You do need to register your Driver’s Little Helper on the app. To do this you enter your name, your cell phone number, your email address and your zip code. You have the option to enter your child’s first and last name as well as their birthdate. You can also opt in or out to receive emails for safety alerts and recalls. Now you are ready to go! To use Driver’s Little Helper simply put your child in their car seat, turn on your app and go!


Driver’s Little Helper main feature is letting you know if your child is in their seat. Driver’s Little Helper was created by a parent who had a toddler who loved to unclip their seatbelt and move around. When using Driver’s Little Helper you will know for sure if you child is still in their car seat. Driver’s Little Helper can be used with rear facing or forward facing seats, infant seats, convertible seats and booster seats. When Driver’s Little Helper is in use, your child is sitting on the sensor pad. When your child is off this pad, the sensor alerts you so you can safely pull over and get your child secured in their car seat.

Driver’s Little Helper has a few other features other than letting you know if your child is out of their seat. My favorite feature on Driver’s Little Helper is the temperature monitor. Driver’s Little Helper shows the temperature in Celsius or fahrenheit. Driver’s Little Helper lets you know what the temperature is in your child’s car seat. I am constantly worried about overheating my babies in the summer, and making sure they are warm enough in the winter. Driver’s Little Helper takes the guess work out of wondering about their temperature! I LOVE this feature. If this was the only feature Driver’s Little Helper had, it would be 100% worth it, to me!

Another great feature on Driver’s Little Helper is the text message alerts. You can have up to three phone numbers that Driver’s Little Helper will text with alerts. The Driver’s Little Helper app will alert you when your child is out of their seat while the car is moving. Driver’s Little Helper sends one alert and, if this alert is not acknowledges, Driver’s Little Helper will send a second alert. Driver’s Little Helper will send you a third alert. After the third unacknowledged alert Driver’s Little Helper will send a an alert to your emergency contacts. You can set up emergency contacts as email addresses as well as cell phones/text message alerts. This is a wonderful feature! If you do not happen to see the alert on your phone, your emergency contacts will be sent alerts as well and can hopefully get ahold of you or get to your child and help them. This is great!

You can set your Driver’s Little Helper alert intervals to 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, 4 minutes and 5 minutes. I was able to add 20 emergency email addresses with room for more. There is room for three cell phone numbers for text message alerts.

The Driver’s Little Helper app shows you the temperature, the amount of battery left in the sensor, if the car is moving or not moving, and the information for your Driver’s Little Helper monitor. You can have up to three Driver’s Little Helper monitors attached to your app at a time. The Driver’s Little Helper monitor on your app will show you the child’s name, if the app is connected to the monitor, the temperature in the car seat, the battery left in that monitor and if your child is in their seat.

I have used Driver’s Little Helper with Bunny’s convertible car seat as well as with Baby Sister’s infant car seat. Driver’s Little Helper fits easily and comfortably in both of our car seats. Neither Bunny nor Baby Sister seem to notice or mind having Driver’s Little Helper in their seat.

You can't even tell Driver's Little Helper is there!
You can’t even tell Driver’s Little Helper is there!

You can purchase your Driver’s Little Helper Car Seat Monitor online for $79.99. Driver’s Little Helper comes in a cute box and comes with an adorable book for your child. Driver’s Little Helper helps you drive with confidence knowing your child is safely and comfortably buckled in!

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