Dribble Ons Review

Baby Sister is teething. This means she is drooling all the time which makes her clothes very wet. I end up changing her clothes multiple times a day. When she was smaller her neck would get red and yucky when she drooled. The drool would pool there, no matter how much I wiped it, and would cause her neck to be red and icky. Dribble Ons keep the moisture from getting all over baby’s neck and clothing.


Dribble Ons are made of cotton and terry toweling. This makes them super absorbent and soft against baby’s skin. Dribble Ons are in the shape of a triangle and have two snaps on the back allowing you to adjust the fit for your baby.

I love that Baby Sister can wear her clothes without drooling all over them. I can’t imagine having a wet neckline would feel very nice. Dribble Ons keep the drool on the cloth and not on baby’s skin or clothing. I am very impressed at how absorbent Dribble Ons are. The back side has never leaked and allowed moisture to be on Baby Sister.

Maybe you’re thinking, lady I have bibs for that! But are bibs cute? Can they hold all your baby’s drool? Baby Sister is crawling and bibs get in her way. She can’t crawl with her bib on and she likes to try to tear it off. With Dribble Ons Baby Sister can still crawl and move about freely. And, due to their size and design, Dribble Ons are not in the way which means Baby Sister doesn’t notice them, which means she doesn’t try to tear them off! Score one for mom! Plus, bibs are not fashionable.


Dribble Ons come in classic colors, bright colors and fun designer prints. We were able to try a classic pink, a bright brown and a designer pink spots. We love our Dribble Ons so much my toddler has claimed one for her own. Not only are Dribble Ons functional, they are also stylish!

You can buy your Dribble Ons online for $9.98 each.

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