Dreambaby Stroller Fan Review, Keeping Baby Cool When it’s Hot Out

Summer is coming. It is already starting to get hot where I live. I always worry about overheating my babies when it is hot out. In the car, in the stroller, especially in a wrap or soft structured baby carrier. The Dreambaby Stroller Fan is the perfect way to keep them cool while keeping them safe!


The Dreambaby Stroller Fan clips onto most strollers, playpens, car seats and more. The Dreambaby Stroller Fan is not your average fan. The blades on the Dreambaby Stroller Fan are made of foam. When, not if, baby touches the fan their fingers will not get hurt. The Dreambaby Stroller Fan has a flexible and adjustable neck. This allows me to always get the perfect angle to make sure the breeze is centered on my baby or me. The clip on the Dreambaby Stroller Fan is large and heavy duty. It will last a long time and through many uses.

I love using the Dreambaby Stroller Fan when I am wearing my 11 month old, Baby Sister. I can clip the Dreambaby Stroller Fan onto the baby carrier and now I get to enjoy the cool breeze along with Baby Sister! The Dreambaby Stroller Fan is lightweight and does not seem to pull on my carriers at all.


I love that the battery cover on the Dreambaby Stroller Fan needs to be unscrewed and slid out. Even if the screw happens to come loose and fall off, the battery cover will NOT come off on its own. It needs some help and keeps the batteries away from baby.


The Dreambaby Stroller Fan uses 2 AA batteries. I love that it uses batteries that are common and not smaller batteries that I never have on hand. The Dreambaby Stroller Fan is perfect for days at the beach or at the park. I love how portable it is. I can attach it to my stroller or toss it in the diaper bag for when we need it. It does offer quite the breeze and really helps to keep baby cool.

To use the Dreambaby Stroller Fan you simply slide the power lever over. To turn it off, slide it back the other way. Easy peasy! The lever is pretty small so your baby should not be able to turn this on or off by themselves.

You can purchase your Dreambaby Stroller Fan online for $9.99.

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