Dolphin Organics Shampoo and Conditioner Review


Dolphin Organics are natural and organic baby products.  All Dolphin Organics products are vegan, hypoallerganic and free of parabens, sodium benzoate and all harsh chemicals. Dolphin Organics products contain only 100% natural ingredients. Because baby’s skin is up to five times more porous than an adults, it is very important to me to use natural products on my children. I try to be careful about what we put in our bodies, but it is also very important to be careful about what we put ON our bodies. Dolphin Organics allows me to have wonderful scented bath products that work and are 100% natural.


It is hard to find a good quality, nice smelling, natural shampoo that actually works. Dolphin Organics Natural Vanilla Shampoo smells AMAZING! I have been very sensitive to smells during my pregnancy and have had to change shampoos after a few uses because of the scent. Dolphin Organics Natural Vanilla Shampoo smells wonderful! Dolphin Organics Natural Vanilla Shampoo uses natural ingredients to cleanse my hair without stripping it of its natural oils. Dolphin Organics Natural Vanilla Shampoo helps to rejuvenate my scalp which leads to a healthier scalp and healthier hair! Dolphin Organics Natural Vanilla Shampoo is derived from coconut and sunflower oils and is enriched with certified organic aloe, not water. You get more for your money with Dolphin Organics Natural Vanilla Shampoo because, instead of using water as a base ingredient, organic aloe is used. I have found with some natural shampoos it takes a while to rinse it out and my hair feels thin and brittle. This is not the case with Dolphin Organics Natural Vanilla Shampoo. My hair feels clean and not greasy after using Dolphin Organics Natural Vanilla Shampoo. Dolphin Organics Natural Vanilla Shampoo lathers easily and rinses out really well. I do not feel like there it takes a long time to rinse out my hair when using Dolphin Organics Natural Vanilla Shampoo. I love how quickly and easily I can rinse this out of Bunny’s hair as well. Rinsing Bunny’s hair is her least favorite part of bath time and Dolphin Organics Natural Vanilla Shampoo makes this process easy and fast. There is a nice scent leftover after my hair is dry. The scent is not overwhelming. It is a soft smell, which I love. The scent is definitely there, which I love.


The perfect companion to Dolphin Organics Natural Vanilla Shampoo is Dolphin Organics Natural Vanilla Conditioner. Dolphin Organics Natural Vanilla Conditioner also smells amazing! Dolphin Organics Natural Vanilla Conditioner is creamy and smooth. Easy to apply and rinses out easily. I do not spend an insane amount of time rinsing it out of my hair like I do with other natural conditioners. Dolphin Organics Natural Vanilla Conditioner is gluten free. I love that Dolphin Organics Natural Vanilla Conditioner is enriched with hibiscus which naturally revives and rejuvenates hair without weighing it down. My hair feels clean, nourished and light!


All of Dolphin Organics baby products are fragrance free, tear-free and hypoallergenic. I love the labeling on the back of Dolphin Organics Shampoo and Conditioner. On the ingredients list there are three bars that tell you what the ingredient is, where it comes from and why it is needed. This is very helpful and I wish other labels were easy to read like this! You can find the full list of ingredients here.


You can buy a 12 ounce bottle of Dolphin Organics Natural Vanilla Shampoo online for $13.49 and a 12 ounce bottle of  Dolphin Organics Natural Vanilla Conditioner online for $13.49.


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