Do Not Buy This New For Your Baby!

You are pregnant! Congratulations! I know what you want to do. You want to run out and look at baby clothes. They are so cute! And SO EXPENSIVE! Boy or girl, baby clothes are outrageously priced. $10 for a shirt baby will wear for 3 months at the most? I know, I know, they are cute. And you want to BUY THEM ALL! Even though you don’t know what you are having yet. I have been there! As soon as I found out I was pregnant with my first I ran out and bought ALL THE CLOTHES! Boy and girl clothes. I had 2 big storage boxes full of clothing, one box of boy clothes and one box of girl clothes. When we found out at 14 weeks we were having a girl, I went a little overboard. To say the least. I do not even want to know how much money I spent on baby clothes. Some of which she wore once or twice, some not at all!

All of my boy clothes from 0-12 months.

Once I found out my second baby was a girl, I went through my boxes of girl baby clothes and gave away the ones my first baby hardly wore. I knew which were my favorites, which would get worn time and time again and which ones would sit in the drawer, constantly getting pushed aside.

0-3 months

When I found out this baby is a boy, I was a little bummed only because that meant I could not use all my girl clothes over again! Unless he was going to wear sparkles and tutus. I learned from my first two babies how ridiculous it is to spend SO MUCH MONEY on baby clothes. I also realized I should only buy the clothes I absolutely LOVE. Otherwise my baby wouldn’t end up wearing them.

3-6 months

Instead of buying new with this baby, I bought everything used. You heard me. Everything. Used. I have not purchased a single new item of clothing for this baby. Granted I do still have that unopened storage box of new baby boy clothes I purchased about 5 years ago! I would estimate I spent $1500 or so on my first baby to clothe her for her first year of life. Ouch. That is a LOT of money. And that is a low ball estimate. That is if I did not buy the fancy cute things that screamed out at me from the shelves. $10 here, $50 there. Little by little they add up.

6-9 months

This baby, I decided to buy used. Because, lets face it, my baby is going to spit up, poop, pee and heaven knows what else on these clothes. If they can survive another little human and still look good, I want those clothes! This time I shopped on craigslist, Facebook market place and my local children’s second hand store, Once Upon A Child. If you have never heard of Once Upon A Child and have one near you, RUN TO THIS STORE! My local store always has onsies, ANY SIZE, 10 for $10. And the majority of them are Carter’s brand. Which cost $6-12 new. Saved a bundle right there! I believe the most I paid for any single item for this baby is $2. You read that right, $2. Most of the items were $0.25. TWENTY FIVE CENTS! Once Upon A Child also has clearance bins and you can score some awesome deals there! They are not a rock bottom pricing place, I passed up a lot of items and only purchased the cheapies. Cheap but name brand that I would have walked next door to the Carter’s store and spent way more money on.

9-12 months

I was able to buy all of these clothes for around $100. You read me right. I have enough (more than enough but don’t tell my husband) clothes for this baby to last him from birth through 9 months. For UNDER $100! My grandma did purchase some additional clothes for me, all used as well. She spent around $50. Now I have WAY TOO MANY 0-3 month clothes. Sigh. If I had known she was buying all these 0-3 month clothes I would have purchased more clothes in 6-12 month size. I will have to buy more 6-12 month clothing, but I will only buy used!

I purchased more than half of this from other moms directly. Most moms just wanted to get rid of their clothes and threw in a few extra items. It averaged out to $0.25-$0.50 per item, including hats.

Now please excuse me while I go take my savings on baby clothes and buy my pregnant self a dessert. Mmmm.

What do you think?