DNA Miracles Chewable Probiotics for Children A Review

Probiotics are an important part of keeping our gut healthy. It is very important for children to have a healthy gut. Probiotics can be found naturally in foods such as yogurt. Many children do not eat enough food daily to naturally have the probiotics in their gut. A supplement is a wonderful way to maintain a good balance in their gut. It is hard to find a good children’s probiotic. We have tried drink mixes in the past and it was always hard to get Bunny to drink these. DNA Miracles Chewable Probiotics are fun and easy for Bunny to take!


DNA Miracles Chewable Probiotics is a chewable probiotic meant for children two years and older. Bunny is 3 1/2 years old and loves her DNA Miracles Chewable Probiotics. DNA Miracles Chewable Probiotics has five billion bacteria in each tablet, helps promote a healthy immune system and digestive system. DNA Miracles Chewable Probiotics helps promote stomach comfort, bowel regularity and healthy teeth and gums. DNA Miracles Chewable Probiotics is gluten free and vegetarian. It is very important to use a probiotic when your child is on antibiotics, but it is a great supplement to use every day.


Bunny loves her DNA Miracles Chewable Probiotics. DNA Miracles Chewable Probiotics have a fruity flavor and are easily chewable. The tablet is small and dissolves quickly. Your child can chew the tablet or let it dissolve in their mouth. Bunny loves to chew her probiotic and asks for it daily.

There are thirty servings (one tablet) in a single bottle of DNA Miracles Chewable Probiotics. A single bottle will last you one month. You can purchase your DNA Miracles Chewable Probiotics online for $33.95. If you choose to use auto ship you will save 5% on each bottle.


18 thoughts on “DNA Miracles Chewable Probiotics for Children A Review”

  1. Wow my child won’t even take a multi vitamin let along this. Fortunately he eats lots of veggies and loves healthy foods more than me. These sound good though. Always good to supplement.

  2. I love that this is geared toward little ones. You don’t see many products like this for them. It’s important for them to be healthy too!

  3. These chewables are making our life as parents easy. The kids hate having to drink meds that taste bitter so these are a nice alternative to that, especially since probiotics are important.

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