Did You Know Amazon Prime is More Than Just 2 Day Shipping?!

I have Amazon Prime. I have had it for at least 10 years. I love Amazon Prime. With 4 kids when I am at the store it is so easy to forget at least one thing off my list. With Amazon I can order it when the kids are in bed and have it delivered a few days later. Almost everyone knows how Amazon Prime works. But did you know there are more perks to Amazon Prime other than 2 day shipping? Amazon Music and Prime Video are the two I use the most.

Amazon Music is is similar to Spotify and Pandora. The great thing about Amazon Music is there are no ads ever! I used to listen to Spotify all the time. Until they started throwing adult content ads in the middle of my preschool playlist. I was tired of hearing swear words when my children (ages 5, 3, and 1) were listening to the A,B,C’s and the Days Of The Week songs. I switched to Amazon Music and love it! You can create your own playlist with specific songs, or search for an artist, genre or decade, and listen to pre made play lists. Amazon Music is 100% the way to go. No ads, no additional fees. There is the option to upgrade to Amazon Music Unlimited, but I do not see myself doing that ever. The base Amazon Music is 100% better than the base Spotify and Pandora. I listen to Amazon Music on my phone and my computer.

Prime Video is another feature I use and love. There are so many shows and movies on Prime Video. Just like every streaming service, not all the shows or movies in the world are available. However, there are specific shows and movies Prime Video has access to that other services do not. I love watching Suits on Prime Video. You do have the option of renting or buying shows and movies on Prime Video. I have only done this a few times. I prefer to add the show or movie to my list and wait for it to be on Prime Video. One of the really great things about Prime Video is you can download shows and movies right to your device at no additional charge! I have only done this once, but plan on doing it more this summer for our road trips. No internet, no problem! Another great feature of Prime Video is X-Ray. This tells you who is on screen, the actors name and information. You can click on the actor or actress and find out more information about them! This is pretty cool!

Amazon also has Prime Reading, which I have only used a few times. Included in your Amazon Prime Membership is access to thousands of books for free! I plan on using this more and more.

Amazon also has Prime Photos. I have not yet used this but plan on using it in the near future. No more cloud storage or lost photos!

You can get an Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial membership. If you purchase diapers, wipes and household supplies often, think about signing up for Amazon Family (30-Day Free Trial) program.  Amazon Prime currently costs $119 per year. Not a bad deal when you think about what you are getting. That is $10 a month for a delivery service, video streaming service, music service, digital book service AND a photo storage service. Not to mention the other benefits of Amazon Prime that I do not use! $10 a month is amazing!

What do you think?