Dekor Diaper Pail Plus Review

A diaper pail is a must have for every parent or caregiver. If you cloth diaper or use disposables, you need a diaper pail. I use and love the Dekor Diaper pail. The Dekor Diaper pail comes in three sizes, mini which is a little over 17 inches tall and is great for the bathroom, classic which is almost 21 inches tall and is great for any room and the plus which is a little over 22 inches tall and is great for multiples. I have the Dekor Diaper pail plus which is what the review is based off of but aside from the amount it holds all of the features are the same.

I chose the Diaper Dekor Pail because of the look and the design. Truthfully I chose it because it came in pink which matched my baby’s room. 🙂 I did purchase a second Dekor Diaper pail in white because I loved my first one so much! I liked that I could use it one handed but once I became a parent I LOVED that I could use it one handed! The Dekor Diaper pail can be used for cloth diapers or disposable diapers. I love that it is not one specific and you can realistically use it as a garbage can after you are done with diapers. That is one of the reasons I purchased the plus and not the classic. Other than the pink color. 🙂

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The Dekor Diaper pail plus is a nice big size. The website says you can fit 60 disposable newborn diapers inside before emptying it. I have never tried this as we use cloth diapers. I do use disposable inserts at night and, after we introduce food, use disposable wipes. One of my Dekor Diaper pails is for cloth and one is for garbage. I change my garbage bag every week or so, before it is full. If I waited until it was full I could go at least 3-4 weeks. I can fit 4-6 days worth of cloth diapers in my Dekor Diaper pail. This is a good and a bad thing. Cloth diapers, after being used, should be washed within 3 ish days of using them. Because the Dekor Diaper pail can hold so many diapers I sometimes go over that 3 day mark. Which makes for smelly diapers and is not really good for the cloth diapers.

16 month old next to it for size comparison
next to my 16 month old

When I do go over the 3 day mark the stink is crazy. Once I open the lid. Before I open the lid and remove the cloth diapers, I can barely smell anything! There is space inside the Diaper Dekor Pail to put an odor remover but I have not really had to use it. Diapers get stinky. Wash them or throw them away. Nothing will eliminate the stink but the Dekor Diaper pail does contain it really well.


The Dekor Diaper pail does have a child proof and odor controlling removable piece on it, the diaper insert. When you lift the lid there is a trap door that can be left as it is or taken out. If you leave it there the smell does decrease because there is an extra layer to help contain it. This trap door can also be locked so a child can not put things inside the diaper pail. The trap door is spring loaded so you can drop the diapers in and it automatically closes. This is great for disposable diapers that you wrap up and no pee or poo is exposed, not so great for dirty cloth diapers. I personally do not use the trap door and have taken it out of both of my Dekor Diaper pails. I tried my Dekor Diaper pails with the trap door but kept getting poo on it and having to clean poo off the diaper pail was one extra step I did not want to make every day. You can take out the diaper insert and use the Dekor Diaper pail as a normal garbage can.

The Diaper Dekor Pail also has a liftable lid. To lift the lid you push in the button and lift it. This is made to be childproof as well. You need to lift the lid to remove and replace the bags, disposable and cloth. Inside the Dekor Diaper pail there is a cartridge which holds the bag in place. There is a door on the front of the Dekor Diaper pail which automatically locks when closed. To open it you simply slide the lever on the side up while opening the door. The Dekor Diaper pail can be impenetrable for little kids! On the inside of the door there is a cutter for disposable bags. This makes it easy if you use any kind of diaper pail refill bags. They are typically one long tube of plastic that you cut and tie off to form a bag. When you need to empty the Dekor Diaper pail you simply open the front door, pull out the disposable bag insert until it is long enough to tie the top or comfortably hold it while taking it to the outside garbage can, then cut the plastic on the top with the door mounted cutter. Then you tie the remaining bag and you now have another disposable garbage bag inside the Dekor Diaper pail. You can use a regular disposable garbage bas as well.

To insert a disposable bag on the Diaper Dekor Pail you simply lift the lid and slip the bag on the cartridge. It is the same for a cloth bag. If you are using a diaper pail tube insert you lift the lid, remove the cartridge, slide the refill around the cartridge, pull up some of the tube, tie it off and place it down through the middle of the cartridge. The Dekor Diaper pail does come with a refill and we did use this until it ran out. It was easy to use, pretty strong plastic and kept the smell in really well. We did not buy more, when we received the second Dekor Diaper pail we simply used regular garbage bags.

To remove a regular garbage bag or a cloth garbage bag from the Diaper Dekor Pail you first lift the lid, open the door, lift the top sides of the bag off the cartridge and pull the bag out from the front door. You do need to hold onto the top of the bag, or cinch it tight, so none of the diapers fall out while you are pulling it out.

To put a diaper in the Diaper Dekor Pail you simply step on the lever and the top opens. If you do not have the diaper insert inside you can toss your diaper in. If you do have the diaper insert in place you simply press the trap door down and drop the diaper inside. If you have the trap door locked be sure to unlock it before you try to do this. I have made that messy mistake too many times. This is another reason I removed the diaper insert.

The Diaper Dekor Pail Plus is easy to use, durable, looks nice, can be used one handed and with cloth or disposables. I love that the Dekor Diaper pail comes in different sizes and colors, currently white, soft pink , sage, gray, black and soft blue. There are a lot of options! You can buy your Diaper Dekor Pail Plus online for $44.95 and free shipping!

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