Dealing with Slight Reflux

Baby Sister spits up more often than I remember Bunny spitting up. Baby Sister also projectile spits. She will spit up almost everything she has eaten then want to eat again. I was thinking this might be reflux but was not certain.

One morning (around 4 weeks old) it seemed like Baby Sister was having a hard time breathing. We co sleep and her breathing woke me up. It seemed like Baby Sister wasn’t breathing well or efficiently. She wasn’t turning blue but I was still concerned. I ended up sitting up with her on my chest and tried to sleep like that for a bit. When she was upright her breathing seemed to be better. Her breathing went back to normal but then, a few hours later, she had the same problems. As soon as it happened a second time I called and got an immediate appointment with her doctor. This was not an emergency as Baby Sister WAS breathing. I was just concerned with how she was breathing. We saw the doctor an hour later.

The doctor said her lungs and airway sounded great. Baby Sister was not congested and was not having problems breathing. The doctor said it might be silent reflux, where baby spits up but it doesn’t leave her mouth. She then tries to swallow it back down which could look like she’s having a hard time breathing. I had not mentioned anything about reflux to our doctor, but her suspicions fueled mine. I asked what we can do about reflux, if that is what is happening. Doctor said nothing really unless Baby Sister seems to be in pain or stops gaining weight. Doctor did suggest keeping Baby Sister upright for 15-20 minutes after she nurses and to feed her more frequently.

I have started holding Baby Sister upright after she nurses. I have also started nursing her at an angle so she is slightly upright. I have also figured out her signs of when she needs to burp. And when Baby Sister needs to burp, she NEEDS to burp. ASAP. If I do not burp Baby Sister when she shows me her signs, Baby Sister will spit up everything she just ate.

We are lucky Baby Sister does not have severe reflux. She is gaining weight beautifully and doesn’t seem to be in pain any more than other babies. Every baby has gas, I try to minimize Baby Sisters gas. I try not to let Baby Sister cry because, when a baby cries, they suck in more air which will then lead to gas. I am hoping Baby Sister outgrows this by 6 months. The doctor said most babies outgrow reflux by 6 months and those that don’t typically outgrow it by 12 months. There are some babies that deal with it for much longer. I sympathize with them and their parents. There is nothing worse than seeing your baby in pain and not being able to do anything about it. Luckily, Baby Sister seems to be doing well!

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