Crocodile Bath and Room Thermometer by Dreambaby Review

I hate bathing my babies. I LOVE hot showers and baths and because of this I am always afraid of running a bath for my babies that is too hot. I never trust myself when it comes to the temperature of the bath water. Even the elbow or wrist trick does not work for me. I often call my husband in to make sure the bath water is cool enough. Once Bunny, my 3 year old, was old enough I would have her tell me if her bath water was cool enough. I hated the guessing game. The Crocodile Bath and Room Thermometer by Dreambaby is the PERFECT solution to the bath time water temperature problem.


The Crocodile Thermometer reads the temperature of the bath water in seconds. It rechecks the temperature every 10 seconds and auto shuts off after 30 minutes. You can change the temperature settings from celsius to fahrenheit with the push of a button. The Crocodile Thermometer is super easy to use. To turn it on you simply push the button or place it in the water. Once placed in the water the Crocodile Thermometer starts reading the temperature. If the temperature is too cool the Crocodile Thermometer light will flash green. If the water is too hot the Crocodile Thermometer light will flash red. You also have the option of turning on the high temperature alert which, if the temperature is too high, will make a beeping sound. The green light will start flashing at 90 degrees and the red light, and optional sound, will start flashing at 101 degrees.

I LOVE the Crocodile Thermometer. I can easily and accurately know the temperature of my babies bath water. I have used this in my showers as well, just to see how hot I actually like it. The temperature has gotten up to 109 degrees. This is why I do not trust myself when it comes to my babies bath water! Thank you Crocodile Thermometer for helping me keep my babies safe!


The Crocodile Bath and Room Thermometer floats and makes the perfect bath toy.  Both of my babies love the Crocodile Bath and Room Thermometer. Baby Sister, my 11 month old, has claimed this as her favorite bath toy. She will hold onto it and refuse to let go. The Crocodile Bath and Room Thermometer often leaves the bath tub with her and does not return until the next bath time. I wish we had two so Baby Sister could have one outside the bathroom and one could stay inside the bathroom.


The Crocodile Bath and Room Thermometer can also detect the temperature of the room it is in. To use it like this you simply push the on button. The Crocodile Thermometer will shut off after 30 minutes.

You can purchase your Crocodile Bath and Room Thermometer online for $14.99. In my opinion, this is a must have item for every parent or caregiver!

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