COVERPLUG Outlet Covering Review

I am not a huge proponent of childproofing. I don’t cover sharp edges, I don’t lock cabinets that do not have toxic materials, I don’t go overboard on the child proofing. I am very minimalistic when it comes to childproofing. I DO, however, make sure my house is safe for my children to explore and play in. One of the main things I childproof, or rather, make safe for my children to be around, are wall outlets. The COVERPLUG is a unique outlet childproofing system that not only keeps your children safe but also keeps your home looking beautiful.


COVERPLUG is unique in that it not only covers the outlets, it also blends in with the walls. COVERPLUG can be painted the same color as your wall. Out of sight, out of mind. Honestly, I have a couple of the COVERPLUGs in my house and I momentarily freak out when I am looking for the outlet and it has disappeared. Then I remember, my COVERPLUG is doing its job!


The COVERPLUG stays in place with two posts on the back. These posts go into the ground openings, the round opening in the outlet. COVERPLUG requires no tools and is easy to install and remove. COVERPLUG keeps my walls looking seamless and clean. COVERPLUG covers the entire outlet, not just the electrical sockets. This means I only need one COVERPLUG per outlet. This also means I won’t misplace an electrical socket cover and/or have only one electrical socket covered. I don’t know how many times I have removed other outlet covers to vacuum and when I come back to where I set the outlet cover, it has disappeared. Bunny thinks those other outlet covers look like an amazing toy. COVERPLUG does not intrigue her. COVERPLUG doesn’t look fun and entertaining, which is precisely the point!

I love that COVERPLUGs are easy to paint over. When we move or repaint a wall we can simply repaint our COVERPLUG! We have white walls in most of our house and the COVERPLUG blends in perfectly. Like I said before, sometimes I even forget there is an outlet there!

Why do I love COVERPLUGs?

  1. COVERPLUGs are easy to install
  2. COVERPLUGs make my outlets disappear and keep my wall looking clean and seamless
  3. My children don’t see COVERPLUGs, out of sight, out of mind!

You can purchase a set of two COVERPLUGs (that covers 4 outlets!) online for $8.95 with free prime shipping!


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