CLEARinse Nasal Cleansing System Review

Bunny and I have been sick recently. I really dislike having a stuffy nose, and I can tell Bunny dislikes it as well. It is very frustrating for Bunny to have a stuffy nose when she nurses. Because of this, we needed a solution that would work ASAP. CLEARinse nasal cleaning system is the solution for us!


CLEARinse nasal cleaning system is an at home nasal cleaning system designed for infants, toddlers and children. CLEARinse nasal cleaning system is a battery operated pump system that creates similar flow and pressure settings as used in a hospital to clear noses. CLEARinse nasal cleaning system utilizes optimal airflow and pressure to gently and successfully cleanse the nasal passage.


CLEARinse nasal cleaning system is very easy to use. First you fill it with the saline packet designed for CLEARinse. Then you irrigate the nose to loosen up all the gunk. Lastly, you aspirate to remove all the loosened gunk. Easy peasy!

I tried this on myself before I did it on Bunny. Filling CLEARinse nasal cleaning system with the saline packet is really easy. CLEARinse nasal cleaning system comes with ten saline packets, and replacement packets are available for purchase. To fill CLEARinse I simply twisted the cap off the saline packet and inserted it into the wash head of the CLEARinse and gently squeezed the saline into the wash head. Once the saline was in the wash head, I inserted CLEARinse into one nostril and pushed the irrigation button. The saline is gently, very gently, pushed into my nose. It does not feel uncomfortable at all. It was actually very, very comfortable, especially when compared to a neti pot. After the saline was in my nose, I removed CLEARinse and inserted it into my other nostril, then pushed the aspirate button. The aspiration gently sucks the saline and yuckies out of my nose. The aspiration will automatically shut off after 5 seconds so it does not hurt your nose. I felt much better and could breath well after using CLEARinse nasal cleaning system.


To clean CLEARinse nasal cleaning system you simply remove the wash head, wash it with warm soapy water, then set it out to dry. CLEARinse nasal cleaning system does come with two wash heads and you can also purchase additional wash heads if needed.


CLEARinse nasal cleaning system is designed for babies, toddlers and children and fits perfectly in Bunny’s nose, as well as mine. CLEARinse nasal cleaning system is a 100% medicine free system and is always safe to use.

You can buy CLEARinse nasal cleaning system online for $129.99. The CLEARinse nasal cleaning system includes a charger base, an aspirator wand, two wash heads and ten saline packets. Additional saline packets and wash heads are available for purchase as well.

I would highly recommend CLEARinse nasal cleaning system to every parent. CLEARinse makes cleaning your child’s nose quick and easy, and allows them to breath easier immediately.


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