Clean Kids Naturally Hair and Body Products Review

We try to use natural products in our house. We especially try to use natural personal care products like shampoo, conditioner and body wash. It is difficult to find these for children. I discovered Clean Kids Naturally and fell in love with their products.

Clean Kids Naturally is a hair and body product line by Gabriel Cosmetics. All of the Clean Kids Naturally products are fee of gluten, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, fluoride/glycol, lanolin, petrolatum, mineral oils, coconut and artificial colors. We were sent the Clean Kids bath essentials package. Included in this package isĀ Tropical Orange Burst Shampoo, Banana Smoothie Conditioner, Wild Watermelon Bubble Bath and Kiwi Germ Busting Soap.

The Tropical Orange Burst Shampoo smells wonderful! I love that the color of the Tropical Orange Burst Shampoo is orange! It is a light orange, but orange non the less! My girls love smelling each others hair after taking a bath or shower. The scent comes through but is not overpowering. You do have to get pretty close to the hair to smell it. It is the perfect balance for children. The Banana Smoothie Conditioner is my favorite! It smells amazing! I want to use it on my hair! I love the light yellow color of the Banana Smoothie Conditioner. I can tell by looking at each product which one it is. This is nice for when my kiddos grab some soap and forget which one they grabbed! The Banana Smoothie Conditioner is formulated to protect children’s hair from the damages of sun exposure, chlorine and frequent brushing. The texture of both the shampoo and conditioner is lovely. They clean and detangle really well. I love that Clean Kids Naturally is a natural product yet provides the detangling aspect needed for children’s hair.

The Wild Watermelon Bubble Bath gives a nice amount of bubbles. I do have to put in more effort to get the bubbles going, but the fact that this product has only natural ingredients is well worth it! I love that I can bathe my 7 month old in the same soap as my 2 1/2 year old and 4 year old.

The Kiwi Germ Busting Soap smells so good! My hands have a very nice, yummy scent after using this. I love that I can tell if my kiddos actually washed their hands, with soap, by smelling them. One small pump of the Kiwi Germ Busting Soap is all that is needed!

At the ABC Kids Expo in October I fell in love with the Tahitian Vanilla Body Lotion! It is hands down the best lotion I have ever tried. I LOVE the vanilla scent. Some vanilla lotions have a harsh, chemical vanilla scent, and others lose the scent as soon as you rub them in. The Tahitian Vanilla Body Lotion has a real vanilla scent. I love that it is not super strong. I also love that it doesn’t have a taste to it! I am handling food often throughout the day. I love that I do not have to be careful about putting on the Tahitian Vanilla Body lotion because it does not leave behind a chemical scent or taste. I use this lotion on myself and my children.

All of the Clean Kids products come in two sizes, 16 ounces and 24 ounces. Do yourself a favor and buy the 24 ounce containers! You will LOVE the scents. All of the bottles have pumps. These are the best pumps I have ever seen. They pump out just enough to get clean. One pump goes a long way. Since they only pump out a little at a time my kids cant dump out the entire bottle in the 2 seconds my eyes are elsewhere! My 4 year old loves that she can pump her soap herself. I love that one pump doesn’t slather her in soap!

You can purchase any of these products online. The bath products are $16.25 for the 16 ounce size and $22.30 for the 24 ounce size. The lotion is $15 for the 16 ounce size and $20.50 for the 24 ounce size. You can buy a bundle of the four bath products in the 16 ounce size for $52 and the 24 ounce size for $71.50. I highly recommend purchasing the 24 ounce size! You will not be disappointed!




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