Clean a Playroom When Children Are Present?

I remember, before kids, when night-time was reserved for fun things like watching movies, going out with friends, playing games or sleeping. Now that I have kids, night-time is reserved for cleaning up and catching up on everything I couldn’t get done during the day while I was caring for two small children. For those of you without children, I can hear you saying, “Clean while they are awake.” My response? Excuse me while I lol! You are a funny person.

This is our disaster of a playroom. I have neglected to clean it because I keep hoping if I ignore it long enough it’ll clean itself. This has yet to happen. I guess I will tackle this tonight. Yes, there is a bicycle in our play room. I swear my 3-year-old shoves every toy she owns into this room.

I tried to clean the play room while my children were awake and this is what happened

Yes, that is a pair of toddler shorts. My child disrobed and redressed multiple times.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that my 11 month old was taking out every toy I just put away, I also have this to slow me down


Sigh. There are so many valid reasons and distractions not to clean this room today. Writing this is a valid distraction, no?

Maybe tonight will be the night.

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