Chibebe Snuggle Pod Review and Giveaway

While at the ABC Kids Expo I discovered this great new product, Chibebe. Chibebe is a snuggle pod baby bean bag specifically designed for infants and toddlers. Chibebe can be used from birth through the teenage years. I enjoy sitting on my girls’ Chibebe!

Chibebe is an infant bean bag that allows you to customize the fullness to your baby’s age and developmental level. Chibebe comes with 1 snuggle pod and baby seat that has a harness, 1 toddler seat without a harness, 1 removable inner filling bag and a bean bag cover. You do have to purchase the beans, the filling, separately. You can do this on their website or at any large retailer.

Chibebe is unique because you can fill the inner bag with as much or as little filling as you would like. This allows you to customize the angle of incline to your baby, toddler and child’s needs. For an infant you will want to have more filling, but not too much. Too much filling will make baby uncomfortable. Chibebe is designed to allow baby to be part of your daily activities without laying flat.

Chibebe was designed to help with and prevent reflux. By allowing baby to sit more upright while being fully supported, Chibebe helps keep reflux at bay. Chibebe comes with an infant seat with a harness for when baby is too little to move on their own. This makes sure baby is secure and will not roll off the Chibebe. Once baby is able to move around, crawl and walk on their own, you can use Chibebe with the toddler seat. You may also want to remove some of the filling once baby has reached the toddler stage. As baby grows, less filling equals more comfort. You want your child to be able to relax into Chibebe, not sit on top of Chibebe.

My 22 month old LOVES her Chibebe. It is still pretty firm for her because she is little. We removed some filling for our 4 year old and she LOVES the Chibebe as well! I even find myself sitting on our Chibebe. We have wood floors and my pregnant hips do not appreciate this. Chibebe is the perfect resting place for me! I can sit on the ground with my girls to play while keeping my body comfortable and relaxed. Chibebe really can grow with your child from birth through their teenage years.

Chibebe was designed with parents in mind. The inner bag contains the filling perfectly. The outer cover is removable and machine washable. Anyone who has ever been around a baby, toddler or child knows how messy they can get. I love that I can actually wash my Chibebe without damaging the filling inside. The infant seat is easily removed when baby no longer needs it. The toddler seat easily zips onto the Chibebe allowing it to grow with your child. The outer cover is water proof, making this a very sanitary bean bag chair.

My girls move their Chibebe from room to room. It is light weight and durable. They jump on it, sit on it, lay on it, anything you can imagine, they do it. I am impressed with how well Chibebe has stood up to my two little ones!

You can purchase your Chibebe online for $99 with free shipping. This includes 1 snuggle pod and baby seat that has a harness, 1 toddler seat without a harness, 1 removable inner filling bag and a bean bag cover. You can purchase the beans, the filling, as well for $25.




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36 thoughts on “Chibebe Snuggle Pod Review and Giveaway”

  1. We have one of these and LOVE it! So easy to fill and my two year old can still lounge on it!

  2. Oh my goodness how adorable is this! Sounds super comfortable too. I would have loved this as a little girl.

  3. These are so cute! I love that they can grow with your child. In my experience, most bean bags are for kids who are a little older and aren’t very firm, so I like that you can make it more or less firm depending on your child’s stage and needs. Very cool!

  4. Now isn’t this lovely to have! I’m pretty sure that kids will enjoy it, just look at your kids’ beautiful smiles! I love that it has a safety belt for smaller children.

  5. These Chibebe Snuggle Pods look so beautiful and comfortable! My favorite is the Hoot pattern 🙂
    Thank You

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