Cherished Moments Sterling Silver Jewelry and Accessories Review

I love jewelry that has been in the family for generations. Unfortunately I do not have many pieces that fit this description. I would love to pass on jewelry to my children and often look for timeless pieces that would make a wonderful addition to this collection. Cherished Moments has beautiful jewelry that is perfect for infants and children. Luckily Bunny LOVES jewelry. And Bunny LOVES to match. Bunny is 34 months, almost 3 years old. I was very excited when I found Cherished Movements and Bunny was very happy and excited to receive a Mom & Me Bracelet set that matches as well as a necklace perfectly sized for her!


Our Cherished Moments Mom & Me Bracelet set is the Key to Heart set. It is adorable! The Key to Heart set has a mom sized bracelet with a heart charm on it. You can choose your “Me” size, 0-12 months, 1-5 years and 6-12 years. The Me bracelet has the key to the heart. Both bracelets are made of freshwater pearls with adorable silver accents in between. The clasp is adjustable and the 1-5 years size fits Bunny perfectly. Bunny LOVES that we are matching. When we wear our Key to Heart set Bunny has to show it off to everyone who will look. This is most definitely the perfect gift for the little love in your life!

Bunny wears her Cherished Moments Sterling Silver Daddy’s Little Girl necklace daily. The Daddy’s Little Girl necklace is a heart charm and comes on a 14 inch box chain. The Daddy’s Little Girl necklace looks adorable on Bunny! Bunny is so proud to wear this beautiful necklace! She loves to tell everyone what her Daddy’s Little Girl necklace says 🙂 I love how dainty and strong the Daddy’s Little Girl necklace is. Bunny can wear it all day, playing as she normally does, without it coming off. Bunny looks wonderful and feels wonderful wearing her Daddy’s Little Girl necklace. She loves to hold it and feel it around her neck. She told me it is a necklace just like mama. I know the Daddy’s Little Girl necklace is something she cherishes already.

Bunny, my 7 month old, looks very stylish wearing her Cherished Moments Sterling Silver Pearl Binky Clip.  The Sterling Silver Pearl Binky Clip is beautiful! What a way to dress up a church outfit or keep it beautiful by not attaching a less than sophisticated binky clip. I really love how beautiful and classy this binky clip is! Finally a binky clip that looks as lovely as my baby! The Sterling Silver Pearl Binky Clip matches our Mommy and Me Bracelet set with freshwater pearls. The Sterling Silver Pearl Binky Clip also has sparkling pink swarovski crystals and a heart shaped clip. The clip is lined with plastic so it does not hurt clothing. The Sterling Silver Pearl Binky Clip is so beautiful I use it without a binky too!

All of the Cherished Moments jewelry come in a pink and black gift box. Lovely jewelry with lovely packaging. Every item from Cherished Moments makes a wonderful gift for that special little someone in our lives!


All Cherished Moments jewelry is made with heavy duty stainless steel wire and strong crimps making it safe for children. All of the charms are custom made with a soldered closed jump ring so they can not come off the jewelry. Cherished Moments jewelry are adjustable. This allows the jewelry to grow with your child and be a cherished keepsake family heirloom.

You can purchase your Cherished Moments Mom & Me Bracelet set online for $41.99, your Daddy’s Little Girl necklace online for $25.99 and your Sterling Silver Pearl Binky Clip online for $21.99. Cherished Moments has a wide array of jewelry and keepsakes for any occasion. Surprise your little one with a beautiful keepsake this Christmas!

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