Check out your local Children’s Museum!

We’ve been traveling a lot these past few months. One of our friends took us to their local Children’s Museum and I was shocked and amazed! This is the Treehouse Museum in Ogden, Utah. It was so much fun! We were there for four hours and still had not seen and done everything! I wish we lived near this museum, we would be there weekly! This particular children’s museum was $7 per child and $5 per adult for admission and it was worth every penny!

You enter and there is a huge tree in the middle. There are 2 stories and the tree has a small middle story to play in.


There were small rooms/buildings for different countries and themes. Everything was kid sized it was pretty neat!

There was a farm area with a fake cow that you could milk and a sheep that moved around. Baby Sister was enthralled with the sheep! I loved the baskets around the museum! If your baby or child put a toy in their mouth you put it in the basket for it to be cleaned. So neat!


There was a super hero section with dress up capes and costumes. There was a neat area that showed you how to draw your own super hero! Bunny gave mine a face 🙂

The upstairs had so many fun things to do! There was a huge chess board, a movable castle, a firetruck, a craft area, a miniature oval office and so much more! My kids LOVED the miniature restaurant and the baby care area. There was even a stage and one of the workers had the kids help perform a story! There were books on each subject in that specific area. My 14 month old and my 3 1/2 year old had fun! I saw a lot of older children, 12+ who were having just as much fun as the littles!

If you have never been to your local children’s museum I highly suggest you check it out! When my friend suggested going I was not super thrilled but boy am I glad we went! That was one of the highlights of our trip! If you have been to an amazing children’s museum, comment and share which one it was and why it was wonderful!

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