Mindful Soap Co. Immunity Essential Oil Roll-On Review

Fall and Winter are creeping up on us. This means colds and sickness are right around the corner. I have never used an immunity essential oil blend before and was happy to try it. Wouldn’t you know it, a few… Continue Reading

Mindful Soap Co. Energy Essential Oil Roll-On Review

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Using Essential Oils On and Around Infants and Children

Essential oils are gaining popularity. I love that people are looking for a natural way to live life. Unfortunately, sometimes we are given misinformation about the safety of essential oils. Since there is no real organization who decides what is… Continue Reading

Ouchies Endangered Species Organic Boo Boo Balm Review

We are at the age and stage where both babies are getting bumps and bruises. Ouchies has a wonderful soothing and healing Boo Boo Balm to go along with their Endangered Species First Aid Kit! While the fits aid kit fixes scrapes,… Continue Reading

THINX Period Panties Review, Your Questions are Answered!

If you have not heard about THINX period panties yet, now you have! THINX period panties are just that, panties for when you are on your period. Before I go any further I will answer the question on your mind, Do… Continue Reading