Dekor Diaper Pail Plus Review

A diaper pail is a must have for every parent or caregiver. If you cloth diaper or use disposables, you need a diaper pail. I use and love the Dekor Diaper pail. The┬áDekor Diaper pail comes in three sizes, mini… Continue Reading

All About Baby’s World Extravaganza!

All About Baby’s World Extravaganza is less than two weeks away! All About Baby’s World Extravaganza is a wonderful event for parents, caregivers, parents to be and educators. Anyone who is caring for an infant, toddler or child would love… Continue Reading

Cloth Diaper Safe Cream- CJ’s BUTTer Review

We use cloth diapers. This means we can’t use the more commonly known diaper rash creams because (besides being full of yucky ingredients that are not so good for you) they stick to cloth diapers and cause them to stop… Continue Reading

BeBe Au Lait Petite and Grand Wet & Dry Bag Review and Giveaway

Wet bags are a must for us. We cloth diaper and I use cloth breast pads as well as mama cloth. I LOVE wet bags! Even if you don’t use cloth this and cloth that, wet bags are still very… Continue Reading

The Cost of Using Disposable Diapers

The average name brand diaper costs about 25 cents per diaper. This cost will be more if you choose organic, bamboo or natural. The cost will be a tad lower, but not much if you choose the store brand. 25… Continue Reading