Cherished Moments Sterling Silver Jewelry and Accessories Review

I love jewelry that has been in the family for generations. Unfortunately I do not have many pieces that fit this description. I would love to pass on jewelry to my children and often look for timeless pieces that would… Continue Reading

Personalized Piggy Banks Review

Piggy banks are a fun way to teach children about saving money. Personalized Piggy Banks are an even better way to get your child interested in saving their money. Personalized Piggy Banks specializes in piggy banks you can customize to your… Continue Reading

Zubels Knit Cotton Dolls Review

Zubels is a company that offers traditional, eco-friendly, hand knit toys, quality gifts, accessories and apparel. Zubels has a wide variety of eco friendly, hand knit toys. All Zubels toys are 100% cotton and some are made from organic cotton. Zubels are made for kids… Continue Reading

Pavilion Gifts Prima Ballerina Baby Girl Blanket, Headband and Barefoot Booties Review

Pavilion Gifts is an online gift store. They have so many wonderful gifts to choose from. With the holiday season upon us I love to do most of my gift buying online. If you have a baby girl to buy… Continue Reading

Indigo Pixies Plush Forest Friends Review

 Indigo Pixies Plush Forest Friends each have a talent. Indigo Pixies Plush Forest Friends are great for helping children learn about and reach different milestones. There is a Pixie that helps children say goodbye to the Pacifier. Neither Bunny nor Baby Sister… Continue Reading