California State Railroad museum

Sacramento has so many great museums! The California State Railroad museum is one of them. My husband, my 19 month old daughter and I  recently visited the California State Railroad museum. The California State Railroad museum is a great place for people of all ages.  The history here is so rich. The exhibits are clean and exciting. We spent 2 hours at the California State Railroad museum, but could have easily spent to entire day there. 

The California State Railroad museum has something for every age.  My daughter loved looking at all the trains and walking through a few of them. There are four train cars you can walk through which are a dining car, a sleeper car, and two mail cars. One of the cars “moves” slightly from side to side as if the train is moving. My daughter really enjoyed walking through the train cars and meeting the wonderful museum workers. Upstairs there is a theatre which shows a short video and many more exhibits. There is a children’s play area upstairs that features Thomas the Tank Engine. There are six train tables, all full of train tracks and trains. My daughter really loved this hands on part of the museum! 

My husband was enthralled with the history each museum piece provided. The California State Railroad museum is full of exhibits that show and tell you not only about the railroad, but about the time period and the people who worked on and with the railroad. There are exhibits of the fine china that were used on the trains, history of the telephone and how that was a part of the railroad, as well as the everyday life of those who cared for the stations and the maintenance of the railroad. 

The California State Railroad museum workers are very well informed. I highly suggest asking them about anything that interests you pertaining to the railroad. My husband spent half the time we were there talking with the California State Railroad museum workers. 

I really love how interactive the California State Railroad museum is. There are telephones you can put to your ear to hear about the history of a specific time period. I did have to show my 19 month old how to use this telephone as it is an older phone and not an iPhone. There are exhibits where children can push buttons to get the trains moving and to hear some history of the trains. My 19 month old daughter loved being here and did not want to leave, nor did my husband. I love that my entire family is entertained and having a good time at the California State Railroad museum. 

Admission for the California State Railroad museum is $10 per adult and $5 for children ages 6-17. Children 5 and under are free! The California State Railroad museum is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm. If you live close to the California State Railroad museum, I highly suggest investing in a membership. Yearly membership prices range from $35 (includes free admission for one adult and one child) to $2,500 (includes free admission for 2 named adults, their children and grandchildren, plus up to six additional guests, as well as many other benefits.)  You can find out more about the membership options here:

The California State Railroad museum offers a special holiday event, the Polar Express train ride. The Polar Express train ride starts on November 28 and runs until December 21. The Polar Express train ride is an hour long. During that time the story of the Polar Express is read to the passengers. At the end of the ride Santa will come aboard and great every passenger. We have never been on the Polar Express, but are looking forward to experiencing it this year. 

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