Cake Maternity Sugar Candy and Waffle Nursing Bra Review

Finding a good, supportive nursing bra can be difficult. Especially if you have larger breasts. Cake Maternity has always had a wide range of nursing bras. Cake Maternity has two new nursing bras that are wonderful for those with larger cup sizes.

Cake Maternity has a new bra, the Sugar Candy Fuller Bust Seamless Nursing Bra. The Sugar Candy currently comes in three colors, nude, pink and black. The Sugar Candy has a molded fabric cup with no underwire. The molded cup gives support. There is no underwire in Sugar Candy. The band is snug and supportive. Paired with the molded cups, there is no need for an underwire! Sugar Candy also has a support sling which supports the side boob. When you have large breasts you definitely need support all the way around! Sugar Candy was designed to provide support and shape for a full bust. This does not mean Sugar Candy is only for those with more in the cup. Sugar Candy comes in sizes xs up to xxl.

Sugar Candy is a nursing bra. Sugar Candy has clips for easy, drop down nursing. I love nursing clips. The Sugar Candy keeps its shape while allowing easy access for nursing.

Sugar Candy is seamless, which means it is the perfect t shirt bra! No more bra lines when I am wearing my Sugar Candy! You can purchase your Sugar Candy Fuller Bust Seamless Nursing Bra online for $60. There is free shipping on all US orders!

I am in love with my new Cake Maternity Waffles 3d Spacer Contour Nursing Bra! The Waffles nursing bra is so comfortable!  There is a spacer in the middle of the bra which means my breasts never touch! This gives me support, shape and comfort. The fabric is very lightweight. There is a flexible underwire in the Waffles nursing bra. This gives a little more lift to my ladies. The cups are padded, my nipples will not say hello before I do!

The Waffles nursing bra is beautiful. There is lace on the frame of the bra, the band that goes from the front to the back. I love that the lace is not  on the cups. This makes the Waffles nursing bra look seamless underneath my shirts. I can be sexy and discreet, all while wearing a nursing bra!

The Waffles nursing bra currently comes in three colors, black, nude and pink. The Waffles nursing bra fits bust sizes B-J.  This is amazing! I love that there are starting to be more options for us larger breasted nursing moms!

You can purchase your Cake Maternity Waffles 3d Spacer Contour Nursing Bra online for $65, with free shipping within the US. The Waffles nursing bra also has matching bikini briefs, which you can purchase for $30. 

Cake Maternity is one of my go to brands for nursing bras. Their bras are always comfortable, versatile, affordable, and sexy. I love a nursing bra that is so comfortable I forget I am wearing it, is stylish so I want to wear it, and is affordable, so I can buy more than one.

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