Bunny’s Birth Story

As we approach this baby’s due date, I am reminded of Bunny’s birth. It didn’t go as planned, but most births don’t. Yes, you can go to places like Modern Pediatrics (www.modernpediatrics.com) throughout and after your pregnancy to help aid your wellbeing but no one can truly predict what will happen during the birth. Personally, I wanted a completely natural, medication and intervention free birth. Here is my story. I must warn you, it is lengthy.

At our 36 week doctors appointment we had an ultrasound and found out Bunny was breech. If she stayed in the breech position, I would have to have a c section. I wanted to do everything possible to avoid a c section so I went home that day and laid upside down, listened to hypno babies to turn you, did everything I could think of! My Love and I went to the temple that Saturday, and I received a blessing that Sunday. In the blessing it said something along the lines of bless the doctors that they will do well and everything will be okay. (I should’ve known she were still breech!!!) Every Thursday was a new week for this pregnancy. On the day my water broke we were 37 weeks pregnant, which is considered term. I’m pretty sure I had work that day (nannying). There was a full moon that day/week and I told my mom that very day that a lot of women were going into labor due to the moon. My mom said I definitely wouldn’t go into labor, maybe the next full moon I would. At 9:50 pm I was sitting on the couch with our puppy in my lap watching tv with my mom. My Love was around the house cleaning and organizing for school (he started his first semester of collage that prior Monday). All of a sudden I feel a pop and liquid in between my legs. It startled me and I called to My Love and told him to get the puppy off my lap. He looked at me like I was crazy and I repeated, get the puppy off my lap a couple of times. I said, “either my water broke or I’m bleeding!” And he rushed over to get the puppy. I got up and went to the bathroom. Sure enough, it was my water!!! My Love wasn’t packed for the hospital yet (we thought we had three weeks left!! And I thought you would come late, not early!). My mom had a terrified look on her face, like I was dying. I asked her what was wrong and told her it’s okay!! I’m just having a baby!! All three of us gathered in My Love’s and my bedroom while My Love packed and I called the hospital. I told them my water broke and they said to make our way in, stop and get food. No rush but don’t take forever. I mentioned to her that you were breech at the last ultrasound and that I wanted an all natural, no pain meds, birth. Could she please start up the labor tub. We then called My Love’s parents and other family members and then we got in the car. Before we got into the car I made My Love and my mom stop and take a photo.


We called some friends while in the car. One family member kept asking me if I was having any contractions. I wasn’t. Not a single one. I made My Love put a towel down on my seat in the car because I was still gushing fluid and I didn’t want to ruin our brand new car. We loaded up ALL of our stuff (mostly mine) for the hospital, including all my natural birthing items. I was hopeful Bunny had turned.
We got to the hospital around 11 pm. The nurses wanted to make my water broke, so they asked to check me. I told them I had one of Bunny’s disposable diaper inserts (gdiaper disposable insert) in my underwear, they looked at that and said, yup! It’s your water. I told them my baby might still be breech but I would like to use the labor tub. They told me I needed to have an ultrasound first before the tub. They got us in a room (everything was quick, there was only 1 other mom in labor that night) and brought in the midwife and the ultrasound machine. Sure enough, Bunny was still breech. And I had lost a lot of fluid. There wasn’t enough fluid to try a version, to try to turn her from the outside. I started crying because I didn’t want a c section. I asked My Love to give me a blessing and he did. I felt much better.
After that the kind nurses put the IV in me. I was strep b positive so I had to have antibiotics right before Bunny was born. The surgeon came in and introduced himself, told me what he was going to do. I (hopefully) politely asked him to not tell me what he was going to do. I said I know what a c section involves and I’d rather not hear about it right now. He was a very kind man. He had kind eyes. My anesthesiologist was a very kind woman. Everyone in the labor and delivery unit that night knew I wanted a natural birth. They were all sad for me that I wasn’t able to have that, which encouraged them to be kind and gentle with me. I asked the anesthesiologist and the surgeon if I could have the drape lowered when Bunny was born so I could see her, and if I could have her on my chest immediately after she wA born. They said they didn’t see a reason why not, they had never done it before but they were willing to do it. They said it would be the most natural c section they had seen! Once they had me all ready to go they asked me if I’d like to ride in a wheel chair or if I’d like to walk into the operating room. I said I would walk. My Love couldn’t come with me yet, they had to get me all situated and he had to get dressed in protective clothing.
Once I was in the operating room the anesthesiologist had me sit on the table so she could give me a spinal, not an epidural. The spinal would only last for 8 or so hours. She also have me a shot of something so my blood pressure didn’t fall too low, and a shot of morphine (I believe that’s what it was but I could be wrong) so I wouldn’t be drowsy after the surgery. I believe I had 4 shots in total. One to counteract the first one, and one to counteract that one. My legs started to go numb and soon I couldn’t feel them! I could feel/tell the nurses were moving my legs. I finally realized they were putting in my catheter. I am glad I couldn’t feel that! My Love finally came into the OR with me. I was shivering a little bit (it’s very cold in there!) and the anesthesiologist put a warm blanket on me. Once they were ready to start the c section it was surreal. I could feel them tugging and pulling but I couldn’t feel anything else. The nice nurse asked if we had a phone or camera so she could take pictures. My Love gave her my phone. She took the first few photos of Bunny! She showed me the photo of Bunny as soon as she was out. I could kind of see Bunny over the curtain, but not very well. She came out screaming!!!! And peeing! I could see Bunny peeing! She was a tiny squishy red and white little baby! She was so beautiful! Her cry was a wonderful thing to hear! She started pooping as they were pulling her out of me too! The nurses weighed her and she was a healthy 7.06 pounds!!!! Bunny was 37 weeks and 54 mins! The nicu nurses left because Bunny were so healthy. Bunny scored a 9 out of 10 on the apgar score! After they weighed her they brought her over to me. She were pooping again. They laid her on my chest and My Love and I stared at her! I kept saying, “hi baby!” Over and over again. I couldn’t believe she was really here!!! 3 hours ago she was in my tummy and I had no idea I would meet her so soon!!! Bunny laid on my chest snuggling me. She nursed a little bit! Bunny stayed with me the entire time they stitched me up! My Love was right there with us!!! When they were done putting me back together they wheeled us into a recovery room and took our temperatures. Because the OR was so cold, both Bunny and I had a low temperature. They wanted to take her to the nursery to put her under heat lamps to get our temp back up. My Love went with her while I stayed in the recovery room under my own heat lamp. I kept asking for Bunny. By now it was was around 2 am. I kept bugging the nurses about where my baby was. We were probably only apart for about an hour, but it felt like so much longer. I was so thirsty but I wasn’t allowed to drink anything, not even water. Because of the meds I would throw up if I drank or ate anything. They brought Bunny and daddy back to me and we let family hold Bunny. A short while later they moved us into the post partum wing.
More family arrived around this time. Visiting hours were over (it was 3 am!!) but the nurses let everyone in. We had a room full. Around 5 am My Love and I started falling asleep. Bunny was already sound asleep on my chest. My Love and I shared the hospital bed the entire time we were there. I know a c section wasn’t something I wanted, but all I really wanted was a healthy baby. I am so happy I got that. I felt peaceful during the c section. I know Bunny had to come that way. I don’t know why, but I do know that was what was right. I am so glad we were both happy and safe. I had the best c section I could ever hope for! ALL of the nurses were AMAZING! The doctors and surgeon was equally amazing! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I am so blessed and I can see heavenly fathers influence.

My Love and I were ready to leave the hospital ASAP. The pediatrician on call said Bunny looked great and we could go. My OB was there and said I looked great and we could go. We had everything ready. The pediatrician came in and said unfortunately because I was strep b positive, Bunny had to be tested at 4 hours old or be under observation of 48 hour. Because I had a c section, everyone on the hospital staff assumed I would want to stay in the hospital and did not do a blood test on Bunny when she was 4 hours old. Sadly we had to stay in the hospital for a while longer. At 48 hours we were ready to be released. Unfortunately, there was a new pediatrician on call. This particular pediatrician was a worry wart. She did not want us to leave because, what if Bunny became jaundice. What if something went wrong and we were not at the hospital?! I kept asking this pediatrician if Bunny was currently jaundice. The answer was no and the pediatrician had no reason to keep us. The pediatrician kept trying to scare us into staying in the hospital for a few more hours or another day. I wanted to go home and get settled. There is no resting in a hospital. Someone was coming into our room every few hours to do something or check on one of us. It was crazy and we wanted to be home. Finally, after many hours of negotiating and arguing with this pediatrician, My Love convinced her to let us go. FINALLY! We were headed home. The pediatrician was the only one of the medical staff who had a problem with us leaving. Why I have no idea. What if the world ended and we were not in the hospital?! That is what the pediatricians attitude seemed like to us.

Overall my birth experience was not too terrible. My discharge from the hospital was horrible and I am afraid of going to the hospital for the birth of this baby. That is sad and not how a woman should feel. Hopefully this birth will be very different than my last.

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