Baby Bump Review

Baby Bump is not your typical fitness ball. Baby Bump is a unique stability ball that can grow with you and your baby, from pregnancy and beyond. What makes Baby Bump unique is its six peg legs, which gives Baby Bump stability that other fitness balls lack. Baby Bump is made from the highest quality materials, which make it burst proof and recyclable! Baby Bump is Latex-BPA-Phalate-FREE and environmentally friendly. Baby Bump comes in unique, baby and nursery friendly colors. I have never seen a stability ball that is not a bright, hot color, or a bland, dull color. Baby Bump gives you six baby and nursery friendly options! You can color code Bump Your Baby to match your nursery!

Baby Bump is available in Pearl White, Honeysuckle Pink, Ragatta Blue, Peapod Green, Beeswax Yellow, and Lavender Purple. I was able to try the Pearl White Bump Your Baby.

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Baby Bump is super easy to inflate. To inflate you simply remove the plug, insert the pump, pump it up, pull out the pump and put in the plug! Easy peasy. The pump that comes with Baby Bump is really easy to use. I have inflated a few fitness balls during this pregnancy (one for me and one for Bunny, as well as our Bump Your Baby) and I must say, inflating Baby Bump was a breeze. It only took me a few minutes to inflate and it was not super strenuous. Some of the pumps that come with fitness balls give you a work out on their own! Baby Bump also comes with an adapter so you can use your own pump if you so desire. Baby Bump also comes with an extra plug, which comes in handy should you ever lose your plug.

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Baby Bump is great for pregnancy. I love to sit and bounce on it. When my pelvis hurts I immediately sit on my Baby Bump. I can rock and bounce and instantly my pelvis feels better. Sometimes my bum hurts from sitting on hard surfaces, or just from sitting at all. Baby Bump allows me to sit without hurting my bum. I even use it while I write my reviews! Baby Bump is a great replacement for an office chair! Towards the end of my pregnancy, the last few weeks, I used my Baby Bump as a chair at the kitchen counter and table. I could not sit on barstools or chairs anymore. Baby Bump was the perfect solution!

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Baby Bump has six stability legs which makes it very stable. Baby Bump won’t roll away from you. The stability legs look like an utter to me. My friends and family have said the same. I like it. 🙂 The legs make it very easy to carry Baby Bump from one place to the next. I can carry Bunny and my Baby Bump at the same time. I definitely can not do that with a traditional fitness ball. When I was in labor, Baby Bump was my best friend. The contractions were MUCH easier to get through when I was sitting on my Baby Bump. The stability legs made it nice and easy to relax without worrying about my ball rolling away. I had a hand towel on my Baby Bump so it wouldn’t get dirty. It was so wonderful to be able to leave the towel there and know it wasn’t going anywhere. My other exercise ball would roll all around and lose my towel. That ended up getting thrown in the corner and Baby Bump was all I would use!

Baby Bump is great for soothing a newborn or an infant. I have used this post partum when it hurts to sit on a chair or a couch. Baby Sister doesn’t much like bouncing, but Bunny would have LOVED this. I know of a few people who swear by their fitness balls as a means to soothe baby. Their biggest complaint is their ball rolls around a lot while they are bouncing with baby. Baby Bump solves that problem instantly! Baby Bump is also great for older infants. You can use Baby Bump as a tummy time station. While holding baby you can play and have fun on their tummy! Baby Bump makes a great chair, and can always be used as a fitness ball! Baby Bump grows with you and your baby!

You can buy Baby Bump online for $59.99.


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