bumGenius Freetime Cloth Diaper Review

The bumGenius Freetime cloth diaper is an all in one, one piece diaper. This means there are no inserts to remove. The bumGenius Freetime is one size and fits babies 8 pounds to 35 pounds. There are snaps on the front of the Freetime that allow you to customize the rise and fit of the diaper to your baby. You also do not have to buy multiple sizes, the Freetime will grow with your baby!

bumGenius Freetime is a snap closure diaper. I personally prefer snap closures for aio’s as I do not like the look of velcro everywhere. I also feel like snaps are quieter for those middle of the night diaper changes. You do have the option to purchase the bumGenius Freetime with a velcro closure if that is your preferred mode of closure.


The main thing that makes the bumGenius Freetime unique is the semi attached, stay dry inserts. Inside the bumGenius Freetime there are two inserts that are attached at the front of the diaper and the back of the diaper. This allows the inserts to be adjusted for customizable absorbency but eliminates the need to stuff the diaper. On the semi attached inserts there are a couple of stitches that allow you to fold the insert as needed. You can fold the inserts to make them smaller for a newborn, you can fold them over themselves to add more absorbency in the front or the back for a boy or a girl, or you can have them lay flat to have equal absorbency all over. For night time use you can add a separate insert underneath the semi attached inserts for added absorbency.

The bumGenius Freetime is pretty trim considering all the layers it has. The Freetime not only has two semi attached inserts, it also has a built in layer of microfiber built into the shell. To wash the bumGenius Freetime it is recommended to do a pre wash with warm or cold water and 1/2 the amount of laundry detergent recommended for a full load. Next do a heavy duty wash on hot with the full amount of laundry detergent followed by a cold rinse. Then you line dry the entire thing. Because the bumGenius Freetime is sewn together you do not want to put it in the dryer. Line drying the Freetime is easy and does not take a ton of time. It takes a few hours for the Freetime to completely dry. I have heard of many moms doing a load of diaper laundry at night and line drying the diapers throughout the night so they are ready in the morning.

We received the Freetime in Mirror. I absolutely love this color! I used our bumGenius Freetime on my 19 month old who is about 28 pounds. We did not need to lower the rise and used it on the largest setting. The fit was nice and trim. She did not complain at all. The absorbency was great. I am excited to try our bumGenius Freetime on our newborn in a few months. I love that the Freetime can be used for both my newborn and my toddler.

You can purchase your bumGenius Freetime online for $19.95. You can save a little per diaper by purchasing a package, a 6 pack for $110.95, a 12 pack for $215.95 and a 24 pack for $399.95.


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  1. How I wish cloth diapers like this were around when the kids were little. That would have made my life easier. The cloth diapers back then were a hassle to use.

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