Bumblewood Natural Deodorant Review

I am all about natural products. One of the hardest products to find that actually works when it is in a natural form is deodorant. I have tried many deodorants and most of them came up short. I was pleasantly surprised to find my Bumblewood Natural Deodorant left me smelling  fresh and clean all day long.

Bumblewood Natural Deodorant comes in a few scents. I received Summer Breeze scent which smells like flowers and citrus. Bumblewood Natural Deodorant is made of shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, arrowroot powder, baking soda, bentonite clay, vitamin e oil and essential oils. It is not a long list of ingredients and they are all pretty tame.


Bumblewood Natural Deodorant comes in a roll up tube like most deodorants do. To use Bumblewood Natural Deodorant I simply roll it up a touch and apply it like I do any other deodorant. I love that I do not have to apply it by hand, the roll up tube makes it easy and mess free. Bumblewood Natural Deodorant is brownish in color which means I no longer have unsightly white lines on the side of my shirts!

I do find the texture of Bumblewood Natural Deodorant to be a touch different than that of commercial brands. I do not feel like there is a ton of residue left on my skin. I can go about my day without having clumps of white falling out of my armpits. I can lift up my arms without worrying about unsightly armpits.

You can purchase a 3 ounce tube of Bumblewood Natural Deodorant  onlinle for $12. A little goes a long way. One tube will last me 6-12 months. Plus it is so much better for our bodies!

Bumblewood sent me an amazing vanilla sugar lip scrub along with my natural deodorant. The vanilla sugar lip scrub is also made from natural ingredients, unrefined cane sugar, coconut oil, beeswax, sweet almond oil, mango butter, vitamin e and essential oils.

I was thrilled to receive this 1 ounce tin of vanilla sugar lip scrub. My lips have been getting incredibly dry and lip balm has not been helping much. After a few uses of my vanilla sugar lip scrub my lips are rejuvenated and plump! Not only does the vanilla sugar lip scrub exfoliate my lips, it also leaves them with a coating of natural oils that sinks in and helps to heal and moisturize my lips. I have found I am applying lip balm less often when I use my vanilla sugar lip scrub.

To use vanilla sugar lip scrub I like to wet my lips a touch then take a small amount on my finger and rub it onto my lips. You can either rinse off the scrub or lick your lips. Since vanilla sugar lip scrub is made from all natural ingredients it is perfectly safe to eat and is pretty yummy!

You can purchase a 1 ounce tin of vanilla sugar lip scrub online for $6. I have been using the same tin for 2 months and do not anticipate needing to purchase more for another 3-4 months. These make perfect stocking stuffers!


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