Building and Imagining with Brackitz Inventor Set A Review

I love open ended toys. If a toy gets my child thinking and imagining, it is a great toy. Brackitz does just that and more. Brackitz are unique connect anywhere building toys. Brackitz consists of planks, 4 way connectors, 3 way connectors and motion connectors.

Brackitz are really neat because you can connect the planks to any of the connectors. The motion connectors plug into the planks allowing you to make an endless amount of buildings and shapes. The motion connectors allow you to make animals or buildings that move. Bunny, 3 1/2 years, and Baby Sister, 19 months, LOVE our Brackitz. They will sit and play with Brackitz for close to an hour. For a toy, that is AMAZING. I love that Brackitz encourages not only imagination but science skills, engineering and math. I know it seems hard to believe that a simple toy can do so much but it really can!

To build a design Bunny has to really think about what she is doing. She has to figure out how many pieces she needs. Brackitz are so easy to use Baby Sister loves them. Baby Sister does need some help putting her Brackitz together and taking them apart, but Bunny needs no help! The only help she needs from me is using the motion connectors. Bunny can build so many different shapes and buildings, it is so much fun to watch her work. She has made shapes and tells me what they are, she has built animals, a necklace, a sun, fans, the list goes on! Her imagination drives her Brackitz creations. I love watching her learn right before my eyes!

We received the Inventor 44 Piece Set. We love it so much I am putting another set on our Christmas list! The 44 piece set does have a decent amount of pieces and is a great starter set. Because we have two children playing with their Brackitz we would love another set to allow them both the opportunity to play at the same time.  The Inventor 44 Piece set comes with 10 long blue planks, 12 short blue planks, 4 blue 4-way connectors, 4 red 3-way connectors, 4 yellow 3-way connectors and 6 magenta motion connectors. I love that Brackitz are color coded so Bunny can see which piece she needs to finish her project.

You can purchase your Brackitz Inventor 44 Piece set online for $29.99. You can also purchase larger sets, 100 piece for $59.99, or a 170 piece set for $99.99. Brackitz also has a drivers parts expansion set, and a creator set. The creator set has wooden planks without holes which means there are no motion connectors.


25 thoughts on “Building and Imagining with Brackitz Inventor Set A Review”

  1. My little man loves building things, just like his daddy. Maybe when he gets older he would really like these sets. I know that my partner would. 😛

  2. I think this is fantastic! I think so many things are set up either to educate or to be fun, but this combines both. Helping kids to use their imagination and creativity is only positive 🙂 x

  3. I love it, it’s really nice and it’s perfect for the kids. They can do so much with it and even learn through building. I think it’s quite affordable as well. This will keep them busy for hours.

  4. I love the idea of allowing this kids to use their imaginations building and creating with this set instead of following instructional pamphlets on how to build something !

  5. My 2nd grader loves building toys especially with legos. This looks like a fun toy! I like the concept of open ended toys. Like you, I’m game if my kid learns and enjoys playing with the toy.

  6. This brings me back to the days when my son was younger and use to build/play with his blocks, cars, and little trinkets for hours on end. It’s a great thing for all kids to do.

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