Breastfeeding While Pregnant

Baby Sister is almost 22 months old. She breastfeeds. Bunny, now 4 years old, self weaned a little after her third birthday. She nursed during my pregnancy with Baby Sister and they tandem nursed for 8-9 months. Nursing while pregnant is not new to me. I do not plan on weaning Baby Sister. She can self wean whenever she is ready. I am perfectly content to tandem nurse again.

Baby Sister does not nurse at night, wahoo! This happened naturally around 19-20 months. She did this all on her own. This is when she started sleeping through the night. Just in time for my pregnancy insomnia to kick in! Ha. Our nursing day is pretty much the same every day. It varies slightly but this is a glimpse into our day.

Upon waking up Baby Sister nurses on both sides for about 20 minutes total. Then we get up and eat breakfast. She plays, we do things, errands, playdates, whatever is on the schedule for that day. She will ask for milk whenever she wants it. That is what we call breastfeeding, milk. She has named my breasts, the left is purple and the right is yellow. I have no idea why or how but hey, it works. It makes me laugh every time too.  I nurse her where ever we are. No cover. The only time I do not nurse her is in Sacrament meeting at church. I don’t nurse her then because she is too distracted and will pop on and off. Being pregnant I no longer fit into my nursing clothes. I wear maternity clothes and pull my entire breast out. I’d rather not have her popping on and off in the middle of church where everyone is looking in one direction. It is the only time I am self conscious of breastfeeding in public. Any other time it is fair game!

I bounce Baby Sister to sleep for nap and lay down with her and nurse her once she is asleep. She’ll ask for milk throughout the afternoon. If she is pretty persistent about drinking milk for a long period of time I will ask her if she wants a snack. Sometimes she is hungry and wants to drink milk but if I ask her if she would like a snack she realizes her tummy is hungry and a snack would be more filling.

I believe my milk supply decreased around week 16 of this pregnancy. I am now 25 weeks pregnant. I have felt wetness on my nipples the past few days and almost a let down feeling. I was so happy and surprised when I did hand expression and colostrum came out! My milk is getting ready for the new baby and Baby Sister will be drinking colostrum for the next few months. So exciting!

Funny story, Baby Sister shared a popsicle with me the other day and when we were done she asked for milk. Because her mouth was so cold, milk felt incredibly warm to her. She looked up at me and said, “hot milk!” She was concerned about her milk being too hot!

Nursing while pregnant is not too terribly uncomfortable. I am more sensitive. When her latch is not great I tell her to let go and try again. That normally helps. I am 100% okay with her self weaning, whenever that may be.

What do you think?