Breast Feeding Must Haves

There are a ton of breastfeeding products out there. For a new mom it is a little overwhelming. I have compiled a list of my favorite and most used breastfeeding items. Hopefully this helps figure out what is most important for you.

Nursing Bras

First, every breastfeeding mom needs a good nursing bra. I personally love Cake Lingeries nursing bras. For those pumping and nursing moms, the Dairy Fairy Arden All In One Nursing bra is the best. This bra allows you to nurse and pump without having to derobe or change bras. And it is very comfortable.

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Burp Clothes

For me, because I have a strong letdown, burp cloths are a necessity! I personally love a&a burpy bibs because they grow with baby. First they are a burp cloth, later they are a bib! If (when) baby unlatches in the middle of my letdown, I grab my burp cloth to spray my milk into. This is especially important when I am in public. Nobody wants to see breastmilk spraying everywhere! Burp cloths are also very handy when baby spits up, which both of my babies did quite often.


Sleep Bra

After I had Bunny, a nursing sleep bra was a must. I didn’t want to leak everywhere and I wanted a safe place to keep my nipple shield. I would wear a Pea In The Pod’s nursing sleep bras. I have tried many a nursing sleep bra and these are by FAR the most comfortable. They hold up well and are still going strong for baby number 2. However, with Baby Sister, I don’t care about leaking everywhere. I take a burp cloth to bed with me and go braless! AHH it feels so good.


Nursing Clothes

Nursing clothes! I NEED nursing clothes! I have rather large breasts, 36I, and wearing a nursing tank with a shirt layered over it doesn’t cut it. Plus, postpartum when I am sweating bullets, the last thing I want to do is wear an extra layer. I get my nursing clothes from a few different places, Old Navy, Milk Nursing Wear, Momzelle, Target even has some nursing clothes online!


Nursing Pads

Nursing pads are a must! I prefer reusable nursing pads and really love Lilypadz and Cupcake pads. With Bunny I could not go anywhere without leaking all over. With Baby Sister I don’t seem to leak as much, but she also doesn’t like to nurse in public because she is too distracted. This means I don’t HAVE to wear nursing pads like I did with Bunny. Baby Sister waits to eat until we get home and I use a burp rag as my nursing pad 🙂

Nursing Pillow

For me, a nursing pillow is a must. After my c section with Bunny, the Luna Lullaby Baby Bosom Baby Nursing pillow was my best friend! I still use my Luna Lullaby Baby Bosom Baby Nursing pillow when I nurse Bunny, who is 2 1/2 years old. I use this pillow with Baby Sister as well. Luna Lullaby Baby Bosom Baby Nursing pillow is a great pillow! My Love often steals it to sleep with!


One thing I could never live without while breastfeeding is a bottle of water. I love my camelbak water bottles. I literally have one with me everywhere I go. 99% of the time, when I leave the house, I have a camelbak. Bunny has her own now but still manages to steal mine all the time. Staying hydrated while nursing is a big deal. To make milk, you need fluids. I am extremely thirsty while nursing!



The most important thing you need while breastfeeding is support. A supportive husband or partner, a supportive mother or friend. A local La Leche Leauge. Get support. Asking for support while nursing does not mean you are weak or you are doing something wrong. It means you are smart and are using the wisdom of your tribe to help you learn with your baby how to breastfeed. I saw a lactation consultant often with Bunny and a few times with Baby Sister. They are there to help you!

A few things I have heard that are great for breast feeding are hot/cold compresses and nipple cream. I never needed either of these but stocked up on a TON of nipple cream. My best advice for this is wait until you are breastfeeding to buy these, or only buy one and see if you need it. Remember, this is MY list of breastfeeding must have’s. Your list may look identical or nothing at all like mine. That is okay! Hopefully my list has helped a bit so you can create your own unique list for you and your baby!


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