BooginHead Super Power SplatMat Review

Baby Sister is eating solid food now. Let me tell you, she can make a mess! I think more food ends up on the floor than it does in her belly! Cleaning up that food is sometimes a pain. If I forget or get distracted (with two kiddos that NEVER happens ha!) the food seems to mold itself to my floor. It holds on for dear life like it never wants to let go. Or Bunny, my toddler, will run through Baby Sister’s mess and drag all the yucky food with her, spreading it all over my house. One tiny (ish) mess has now turned into a huge mess. Luckily I have found a way to easily and quickly combat messy floors at mealtime! Da Da Da DAAA BooginHead Super Power SplatMat!


The BooginHead Super Power SplatMat is a 52 inch round mat that fits under almost any high chair. When the SplatMat is under a high chair all the discarded, or dropped, food lands on the SplatMat and not my floor! When mealtime is over I can easily pick up my SplatMat and shake it into the garbage or rinse it off in the sink for those messier times. If I don’t have time to clean it up right away (because I am chasing after my now mobile baby and her big sister toddler who don’t always get along), I like to fold the edges of my SplatMat over so the food and mess stay contained. When I do have time I can easily clean up the small mess that never had the chance to turn into a bigger mess. Mess-0 Mom-1

I love the pattern of the Super Power SplatMat. It is super cute and makes me chuckle every time I see it. What parent doesn’t need a reason to laugh every day? My SplatMat is good for my mood!

The SplatMat is not just for messy mealtimes. SplatMat is perfect for taking to the park to use instead of a blanket. The SplatMat is water resistant so my bum and my kiddos bums won’t get wet from sitting on the ground. SplatMat is also great for traveling. SplatMat folds up super compact and easily fits in a diaper bag. SplatMat is great for letting Baby Sister have some free time at the park. SplatMat is big enough that I can spread it out, toss some toys around and Baby Sister can’t crawl to the edge in less than a minute. SplatMat is great as a play mat. I use it anytime I don’t want Baby Sister to be sitting on the ground.


SplatMat is also great for taking to the grandparents house. I don’t have to worry about Baby Sister making a big mess under her chair when I use my SplatMat. SplatMat helps me be worry (ish) free while visiting family during mealtimes.

SplatMat is BPA and phthalate free. I love that SplatMat is reusable and eco friendly. Saves me time and keeps my house looking relatively clean 🙂

You can purchase your SplatMat online for $12.99. At that price you might as well grab two! One for under the high chair and one to keep in the diaper bag to use as a play mat anytime!

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