Boogie Wipes Review

Cold and flu season is here. Runny noses are everywhere! Wiping with tissues makes Bunny’s nose sore, dry and red. And it makes Bunny run in fear of the nose wipe! Boogie Wipes are a moist, saline infused nose wipe which eliminate the sore, dry and red nose the common tissue leaves behind. Boogie Wipes are made with saline, which helps dissolve mucus and allows you to wipe away more of the ick. Boogie Wipes are moist and oh so soft. Boogie Wipes are the best alternative to the all too common dry tissue.


Boogie Wipes come in four great scents, Great Grape, Fresh Scent, Simply Unscented, and Boogieberry. We were able to try Fresh Scent and Great Grape. Both smell wonderful!

Bunny loves getting her nose wiped with Boogie Wipes. I never have to fight her to wipe her nose. I can wipe it myself, and hand her a “wipey” as she calls them, for herself and she will go around the house wiping her nose. Bunny will ask me to wipe her nose! I have never before had a child ask me to wipe their nose. Boogie Wipes makes it easy and fun to wipe Bunny’s nose. Bunny is not afraid of a nose wipe because there are no unpleasant feelings when wiping with Boogie Wipes.

My Boogie Wipes cut in half compared to the full size Boogie Wipe

We were sent two 10 count packages of Boogie Wipes. The wipes are nice and big. Too big for Bunny’s small nose. I cut the package in half to help the wipes last longer.

Regular size Boogie Wipe

I love Boogie Wipes so much I immediately went out and bought a couple canisters of Boogie Wipes as well as a couple 45 count packages for the diaper bag and car. I have two canisters strategically placed around the house so a Boogie Wipe is always close by and always have some Boogie Wipes in my diaper bag.


You can buy Boogie Wipes online or at Target, Babies R Us, and Buy Buy Baby. (They may be available in other stores, these are the ones I frequently buy from. You can find a list of stores near you here.) Prices range from $1.50-9.49 depending on the quantity you buy. There is a printable coupon available as well. I love our Boogie Wipes! Never again will Bunny’s nose be wiped with a dry tissue! (Okay it may happen once or twice, but Boogie Wipes is a keeper, and the preferred wipe in our house.)


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