Boogie Mist “The Mist With A Twist” Review

I recently wrote about Boogie Wipes and how much I, and Bunny, love using Boogie Wipes. Boogie Mist is from the same company. Boogie Mist is a scented saline nose spray. Boogie Mist contains non medicated natural saline. The scented “schnozzle” is the unique spray nozzle.



I was sent a Fresh Scent “Schnozzle” Boogie Mist. Boogie Mist can be used in two ways. You can flush and irrigate your child’s nose by tilting their head to the side, inserting the one nostril and spraying the mist into their nose. As the saline mist fills the sinus passage, it will flow out the other nostril. Repeat in the other nostril and your child has a clean nose! The second way to use Boogie Mist is to moisturize your child’s nostrils. To do this you insert the nozzle into the nostril and spray just a bit of mist into their nose. This will restore moisture to the nostrils.

Boogie Mist helps break up thick mucus which allows you to get most of the yuckies out of your child’s nose. Once Boogie Mist has done its job, you can wipe away the excess mucus. Boogie Mist really helps Bunny when she has a stuffy nose. Boogie Mist helps Bunny breath better and helps get all the boogies out of her nose.

We recently traveled on an airplane to Utah. Not only does a plane ride dry out my nose, but being in a higher altitude also dries out my nose. I packed Boogie Mist in our bags and boy was I glad I did! Both Bunny and I used Boogie Mist daily when we were in Utah. Normally when I travel to any state higher in altitude, my nose gets so dry I end up with a bloody nose. I am very happy to say Boogie Mist helped me to NOT get a bloody nose! I knew where my Boogie Mist was at all times on that trip! If my nose was feeling dry, I gave myself a little squirt and felt MUCH better. The scent was refreshing as well. The scent was not overwhelming at all. I really like Boogie Mist for traveling and will take it with us on every trip that requires a plane ride! Boogie Mist is a great way to refresh your child’s (or your!) nose.

Boogie Mist comes in two scents, Fresh Scent and Grape.

You can buy BBoogie Mist online for $6.29. You can also find Boogie Mist in Target, Buy Buy Baby, Toys R Us as well as many other retailers.




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