Bluum Box Review

Bunny received her first Bluum box! This Bluum box is for a 17 month old.  


When you first open the box, there is a card that tells you a little bit about this months box and a coupon code for a friend! How neat!
What was inside: a fresh baby plate, i play disposable compressed wipes, Replay utensils, sippigrips, and an Apple Park lamb finger puppet. I must say I was pleasantly surprised with the contents. We have used every item except the i play disposable compressed wipes. Bunny LOVES the Apple Park lamb finger puppet.



The fresh baby plate retails for $8.95, i play compressed disposable wipes retail for $4.50, re play utensils retail for $4.99, sippigrips retails for $7.50, and the apple park finger puppet retails for $12.95. That is $38.89 worth of products for $29 a month. You can use coupon code SAVEMEHALF for half off your first months box. 

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