Bitzy Baby The Safe Crib Bumper

Everyone knows crib bumpers are not safe. But every parent knows how easy it is for baby’s arms or legs to get stuck in the slats. Parents need a safe alternative to crib bumpers. Bitzy Baby is the perfect solution!


Bitzy Baby Bumped Liner is similar to a crib bumper in that it goes around the side of the crib. Bitzy Baby keeps baby’s limbs from getting stuck in the slats, allows for air flow, keeps baby from bumping into the hard crib and is collapsable so baby can not use it to climb. Bitzy Baby has taken all the risks of crib bumpers and eliminated them!

Bitzy Baby is made of four breathable microfiber panels that have ties to attach to the slats on a crib. Inside Bitzy Baby there is not stuffing, instead there is a breathable 3D D shaped plastic mesh insert. These inserts fill the panels to give them shape while allowing air to flow throughout the crib. Due to the nature of the material, if baby steps on Bitzy Baby to climb out of the crib, Bitzy Baby collapses and does not allow baby extra height to climb out of the crib. You should remove Bitzy Baby once baby pulls themselves up on the edge of the crib.


To instal Bitzy Baby you simply remove the four bumper sections form the package and place them in the crib. Secure the bumper sections into place with the ties, making sure they are tied at all points. If your crib has a solid side panel, skip the bumper on this side as it can not be properly secured to the crib. Start at the corner of the crib and tie all of the ties around the crib slats. You are ready to go! It is that easy!

Bitzy Baby is completely washable! The 3D plastic mesh inserts can be removed and washed with mild soap and water. The panels can be machine washed and tumble dried. I love that every piece is easily washed!


Bitzy Baby is cushioned to protect baby against the hard slats of the crib, prevents entanglement of limbs between the crib slats, is collapsible to a climbing child and is breathable making it the perfect choice for your baby’s bed.

You can purchase Bitzy Baby online for $98. Bitzy Baby comes in the basic cream color but you can purchase custom set on etsy!


13 thoughts on “Bitzy Baby The Safe Crib Bumper”

  1. That’s a great product and one that will help mothers sleep better at night. I think it’s great that we have this now, I sure wish I did when my twins were babies!

  2. I wish they had these when my babies were little. I just did without a bumper for safety sake, but I hated when their little legs got stuck out of the bars.

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