Bitta Kidda Lovie Sack and Lovie Daytime Review

Winter is upon us an Baby Sister is getting cold! We co sleep and have a crib side car style to our bed. Baby Sister mainly sleeps next to me still, but using blankets is a big no no. I want Baby Sister to be warm without endangering her. The Bitta Kidda Lovie Sack is the perfect solution! The Bitta Kidda Lovie Sack is a sleep sack and a lovie all in one!


The Bitta Kidda Lovie Sack has two lovies attached to it. This allows baby to have a lovie in the crib with them while having a safe sleeping environment. The Bitta Kidda Lovie Sack lovies are around the chest. There are two lovies, one on each side. The lovie on the left is a little shorter and higher up than the lovie on the right. The placement of the lovies on the Bitta Kidda Lovie Sack allow baby to grasp the lovies in their hand while falling asleep. The Bitta Kidda Lovie Sack combines both lovies and a sleep sack and is amazing! Baby Sister isn’t really into lovies but have no fear! The Bitta Kidda Lovie Sack is the BEST SLEEP SACK we have tried!


The Bitta Kidda Lovie Sack is very roomy! Baby Sister is 7 months old and loves to move her legs around and roll from back to tummy and to back again when she sleeps. I have tried a few different sleep sacks on her and none of them allow her the freedom of movement that Bitta Kidda Lovie Sack offers. There is nothing worse than having a sleeping baby wake up because she can’t get comfortable, especially when it could have been avoided. The Bitta Kidda Lovie Sack is uber comfortable!

There are so many great features on the Bitta Kidda Lovie Sack. At the top of the Bitta Kidda Lovie Sack there are buttons on one sleeve that allow you to easily put it on and take it off baby. Another great feature on the Bitta Kidda Lovie Sack is the diagonal zipper. I LOVE this diagonal zipper. The zipper allows me to change Baby Sisters diaper easily and without too much of a fuss. I can expose her lower half without moving her all around, and without exposing most of her upper half. This means she can stay nice and warm while I change her diaper. This also makes it harder for an older baby to unzip the zipper on their own.

Baby Sister is in the Bitta Kidda Lovie Sack size 9-18 months (16-28 pounds) Pink Circle.


Another great feature of the Bitta Kidda Lovie Sack is the internal stay put adjustable diaper cover which helps keep the Lovie Sack in the right position. This helps stop the Lovie Sack from sliding all around and getting into an uncomfortable position for baby. The stay put adjustable diaper cover has super soft velcro on it so you can customize it to your baby’s body.

Bitta Kidda also has a daytime lovie that is not attached to the sleep sack. The Bitta Kidda Daytime Lovie is a small cotton velour lovie that attaches directly to clothing. The Bitta Kidda Daytime Lovie is perfect for your baby to use during the daytime. With the snap, Bitta Kidda Daytime Lovie can attach to almost anything soft! You will never lose your babies lovie again! Attach your Bitta Kidda Daytime Lovie to your stroller, your baby’s clothing, a blanket, the car seat, anything that is soft and in reach! The Bitta Kidda Daytime Lovie is super soft and so snuggly.

The Bitta Kidda Lovie Sack is 100% cotton and the lovies are 100% natural cotton velour. The Britta Kidda Lovie Sack is super soft. I wish this was available in my size! The Bitta Kidda Lovie Sack comes in 3 sizes, 3-9 months (10-20 pounds), 9-18 months (16-28 pounds) and 18-24 months (24-36 pounds). The Bitta Kidda Lovie Sack currently comes in Pink Circle, Pink Stripe, Blue Circle and Blue Stripe patterns. You can purchase your Bitta Kidda Lovie Sack online for $44. The Bitta Kidda Daytime Lovie currently comes in fish, kitten, bumblebee and puppy patterns. You can purchase your Daytime Lovie online for $12.

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