Birth Videos You Can Share With Your Kids


My oldest, 4 years old, is really excited about the birth her sibling. When her first sibling was born 2 years ago my then 2 year old wanted to be a part of it. She ended up sleeping through the birth but I did prepare her before hand by reading a home birth book and watching birthing videos with her. I found one I really really loved but can not seem to find it again. I wish I had saved it! I have been searching again for videos to show my two girls, 4 years and 2 years old. These are a few that I really like. Since we are having a home birth I have stayed away from hospital birth videos as well as videos where the mom is laying down flat on her back giving birth. None of these videos have cursing or bad language. None of them are fearful. They are all joyous and loving videos. I hope your children (or you) love them as much as we do!

I love this standing up video because it shows how baby is born without being too graphic. I also LOVE the vocalization this mom is doing. I want to show my girls that I might make a lot of noise but it is okay! This video is short and sweet.

This video is not in the english language but I love the positions the mom is in and how everyone around her acts. This one is pretty graphic with full on views of mom’s vagina and baby coming out. This is perfectly fine for me and my kiddos. Fair warning in case this is not your cup of tea. You also see the placenta being delivered, which my kids are super enthralled with. They want to know all about the placenta. You also get to see baby being weighed and inspected. My girls love watching this part as well. This is a longer video, a little over 16 minutes.

This is a squatting video. It is fairly graphic but not as much as the previous video. Again, the mom is vocalizing here, which I love. I also love how supportive the people are who are at this birth.

This video is wonderful as well. Lots of vocalization. Mom is on all fours, which is how I gave birth last time.

This video has no nudity or birth in it. BUT it has AMAZING vocalization. I feel like I sounded like this during my labor and wanted my girls to be able to get used to the interesting sounds before the birth.



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  1. Wow. I have never watched another woman give birth before. I had a friend unexpectedly join me during the birth of my daughter, and at the time I just didn’t care. However, looking back I wish it had just been a moment between my husband and I. I’m glad that there are videos like this out there, please don’t get me wrong. I just don’t think I’d have enough guts or desire to share my births in such a public manner. It’s an amazing natural thing though. Thank you for sharing some valuable videos.

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