Best Nursing Bra EVER – Arden All in One Nursing and Hands Free Pumping Bra by The Dairy Fairy, a Review AND Giveaway!

I have been breastfeeding for a little over three years. With no breaks. My three year old nursed throughout my pregnancy and my ten month old nurses every 2-3 hours. I had bigger than average breasts. 36 H/I while nursing. This makes finding a comfortable, supportive and cute nursing bra a big huge pain! I found out about the Dairy Fairy Arden All in One Nursing Bra when my three year old was about six months old. At that point I had spent over $500 on nursing bras trying to find the perfect one, or, at the very least, one that was comfortable enough to wear for more than an hour or two. Once I purchased the Arden All in One Nursing Bra I never wanted to touch my other nursing bras again! I did try my other nursing bras again thinking maybe they would be comfortable but with each bra I ended up taking it off within an hour or two and reaching for my Arden All in One Nursing Bra. I loved my Arden All in One Nursing Bra so much I purchased two more! Seriously, this bra is amazing.

What makes the Arden All in One Nursing Bra so great is the design! The Arden All in One Nursing Bra is not only a nursing bra, it is also a hands free pumping bra. I only pump once a day but when I do pump I love to have my hands free. For those mamas that pump multiple times a day, you NEED this bra! Okay, back to the design. The Arden All in One Nursing Bra is completely adjustable. The straps and band are adjustable just like any other bra, but the cups are also adjustable! This is great for breastfeeding moms! In the early days when I was engorged this was the ONLY bra I was able to wear. Because the Arden All in One Nursing Bra is adjustable you may only need to buy one bra throughout your nursing journey. When you are engorged the bra can be on its loosest setting, when you are not engorged the bra can be on a tighter setting. To adjust your Arden All in One Nursing Bra you simply unhook it at the band on the front and re hook it where it is comfortable. There are three different hooks on the band of the Arden All in One Nursing Bra.


The Arden All in One Nursing Bra does not have a clip down cup like most nursing bras. Instead, you unhook the bra from the front of the band and pull it over your breast, exposing the inner cup. You then pull that cup aside and you are ready to nurse.

If you are pumping you unhook the bra from the front of the band, pull it over your breast, expose the inner cup and put your flange inside the opening on the inner cup. You can pump one breast at a time, both breasts at the same time, or nurse on one side and pump on the other. You can also tandem nurse and I have done so in this bra.

The Arden All in One Nursing Bra has a xs-2xl sizing. I typically hate this sizing structure because I have a smaller waist and larger breasts. I typically do not fall neatly into any of these sizes. I was wearing an xl Arden All in One Nursing Bra and, even though it was not the perfect fit, it was so much better than the numbered bras that were my size. I would wear this bra with the band as tight as it could go and it felt amazing! Recently the Dairy Fairy came out with a new size, the PetitePlus. I LOVE this size! The PetitePlus size fits 32-36g-h. AHHHmazing! I recently received the Arden All in One Nursing Bra PetitePlus in Blush. I am in love all over again! I seriously can not tell you how amazing this bra is! But I will try!


The Arden All in One Nursing Bra does not have an underwire. Instead there is a nice sized, and very comfortable, elastic band. I feel very supported in my Arden All in One Nursing Bra. I feel like my breasts are held securely, comfortably and I actually look like the model on the box! That never happens right?! I do not have any issues with my nipples showing, the double layer of fabric helps to keep them under wraps. The material is super soft. I am allergic to lace, I brake out in a rash wherever it touches my body. I was a little nervous about the lace on the Arden All in One Nursing Bra but I have had no issues with it! Since the lace is on the bra and not hanging off the edge, this is the one lace bra I can wear! I can feel sexy and comfortable at the same time! The lace does not show through my clothing either, which is a huge bonus for me. If you do not want the lace there is the option of the Arden All in One Naked Nursing Bra. I also hate when my breasts touch. Most full coverage nursing bras shove my breasts together. This annoys me to no end. The Arden All in One Nursing Bra keeps my breasts lifted and separated.


The Arden All in One Nursing Bra is the PERFECT nursing and pumping bra. I have worn mine for just about 3 years now and they are still in amazing condition. The Arden All in One Nursing Bra is so incredibly comfortable I do not think I will ever stop wearing it. Even when I am no longer nursing this will be my go to bra.

My advice? Skip all the other nursing bras and buy an Arden All in One Nursing Bra! Seriously. Let my hundreds of dollars wasted be to your advantage. I purchased so many nursing bras, they have a lonely home in my closet. If I could do it over again I would skip all the other bras and head straight for the Arden All in One Nursing Bra. You can purchase the Arden All in One Nursing Bra online for $65. While that may seem like a lot of money, in the nursing bra world this is a normal amount to spend on a nursing bra. Plus, the Arden All in One Nursing Bra is also a HANDS FREE PUMPING BRA! Two products in one!

Why haven’t I written about the Arden All in One Nursing Bra before? Because I purchased my bras back when the company was first starting out. They have changed a few things here and there to improve upon the design. I have been wearing my Arden All in One Nursing Bras for 3 years. I did not want to write about the bras I had because my information was no longer accurate. I am SO EXCITED to have a PetitePlus Arden All in One Nursing Bra that I did receive for free. BUT I will definitely be buying a second, and maybe third, bra when there are new colors out. Emily, the creator, puts out fun and limited color combinations. I am waiting for another turquoise or blue bra. When that happens I will be one of the first ones buying it!

My Arden All in One Bra old style collection. I used to have 4 but I lost the black one in my house. I seriously LOVE this bra!

Enter below to win your very own Arden All in One Nursing Bra. Don’t want to wait? Use AllAboutBaby and receive 15% off! You can purchase it online here.

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23 thoughts on “Best Nursing Bra EVER – Arden All in One Nursing and Hands Free Pumping Bra by The Dairy Fairy, a Review AND Giveaway!”

  1. I think my fav feature of the Arden all in one would be the pumping feature! I hate having to zip into the separate pumping bra all the time!

  2. Omg!!! This bra looks absolutely amazing!!! I would love to win it! My 6 month old is essentially breastfed and I also pump and donate milk to our local hospital to support preemies. I’ve never seen such a beautiful bra and the fact that it makes pumping hands-free is incredible!!!

  3. I love that the Arden all in one can be compatible with all popular breast pump makes and models
    Thank You for the chance

  4. Would love to try this bra. Having baby number 4. Tried every bra on the market. Was going to buy a separate bra to pump in but this has it all!

  5. You can order the size you think will fit and if it does not fit you can exchange it for another size!

  6. I love how easy it looks to nurse and pump, but still be supported! All the nursing bras I’ve found in stores seem to be at one extreme or the other– easy to use but zero support, or structured and supportive but the cups only fold down halfway. I’m so excited to try this!

  7. In the 9 years I have pumped/nursed my three children, there has never been a comfortable bra to both nurse in as well as pump. I have ruined many good bras and my hands have slipped thousands of times holding up bottles. Well I will be in for a treat in a couple of months when I have both hands and breasts full with TWINS! I’m going to need something as magical sounding as this 🙂

  8. This is what I need! I am currently pregnant and I would decide to breast feed this time with it! Thank you so much!

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