Best Baby Toys for 6-9 Month Olds

My baby is growing too fast! He is sitting up, crawling and still teething. We have 4 kids and so many toys. Here are some of the toys my baby gravitated to when he was 6-9 months old.

Blocks. He loves blocks. We stack them, he knocks them down. That is the name of the game. He loves it. It keeps him entertained for a decent amount of time. Plus it gives me something to do. I try to see what I can build and how fast I can build it before he knocks it down. After a quick internet search I am sad to learn the blocks we have are from the 70’s. Here is one set for sale on Etsy. I love these blocks. They are awesome. If you can not get these ones, the Hape Blocks look similar.

He still loves the Chuckle Ball! He now loves to crawl after it. He also holds it against his tummy and goes, “AHHHHHH.” It is hilarious.

The VTech Drop and Go Dump Truckis a favorite of his. He loves to hold it, touch it, throw the balls. I honestly do not know what he does with it, but it keeps him entertained for long periods of time. It comes with three balls. When you put them in the hole they sing a song. He doesn’t get that part yet but he still loves it. Every so often one of his sisters will put the ball in the hole and it’ll sing. It does have buttons on the side that he presses. I will watch him sit and mess with this truck and I have no idea what he is doing or why, but he is happy and that is all that matters!

Another set of blocks my little guy likes is the Infantino Squeeze and Stack Block Set. They are squishy so he can chew on them. I love stacking them and he loves knocking them over.

My baby is starting to love books. His favorite is Baby’s Very First Bus Book. It is neat that the wheels work! It is  an Usborne book, you can purchase it here for $8.99.


We have so many toys in our house. He is our third child and sixth grandchild. There are so many hand me downs for this little one! These are the toys he constantly gravitates towards!







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