Best Baby Toys for 3-6 Month Olds

Finding baby toys can be difficult. There are so many options. Which ones to choose? I am on my third baby and have way too many baby toys.

Before I begin, I would like to begin with a suggestion given to me by several of my friends about owning a foil blanket. As I’m already on my third baby at the moment, many have suggested the use of foil blankets, as they supposedly improve sensory development in a child. I researched about Why Foil Blankets Are Good for Baby Sensory Play, but I’m yet to decide whether or not I should buy it or not (we already have too many baby toys)!

Nonethless, here are the toys my baby loved while he was 3-6 months old.

This is the Chuckle Ball. It is so much fun! It used to giggle when it shook but I think my older kids dropped it too many times. It now only shakes, but my baby loves it all the same! When it giggled, the noise would catch his attention. He would watch this Chuckle Ball for a good 15-20 minutes! The Chuckle Ball will randomly move and giggle on its own. It is motion activated as well. You can make it move and giggle by playing with it as well. Be aware, if you leave it on you might hear giggling in the middle of the night! My cats would accidentally knock it and scare me!

When you replace the batteries you do have to make sure you tighten it all the way to get it to turn on again. I turn it off when the kids go to bed at night. There is a white button you can press to get it to turn on as well. If it is not working, try twisting the two halves again then press the white button.

I feel like my baby has been teething for years. He is finally grabbing toys and everything goes into his mouth. One of his favorite toys to chew on is this Wooden Bunny Toy. It is the perfect shape for his mouth. The ears fit perfectly. I love that it is wooden. He wont break it. It is perfect. It is easy to clean, rinse it off, let it dry. It is easy for him to grab and chew on.




My older two kiddos did not like Sophie The Giraffe at all! There was so much hype over this toy and my girls wanted nothing to do with it. This baby, he loves Sophie The Giraffe! Just know, this could go either way with your baby. It is a decent amount of money, around $25. My baby loves it so much but for my older two it was a waste of money.


Seriously, my baby’s teeth need to come through. He is teething like crazy with no sign of any teeth. Another favorite toy of his is this Fruit Teether. It is easy for him to grab and must feel good on his gums. It looks like it should suction to the table, but it does not. It is lightweight and super easy to clean. I throw mine in the dishwasher. You can buy different Fruit Teethers, I like the strawberry one.


You can click on the stock photos of the toys and it will take you to Amazon. Free prime shipping is my best friend. These are my baby’s favorite toys! It doesn’t take much to keep him entertained. He is all about holding toys and chewing on them. Of all the toys in my house, these are the ones he is constantly grabbing.


What do you think?