BeBe Au Lait Petite and Grand Wet & Dry Bag Review and Giveaway

Wet bags are a must for us. We cloth diaper and I use cloth breast pads as well as mama cloth. I LOVE wet bags! Even if you don’t use cloth this and cloth that, wet bags are still very useful. Toddler has an accident? Put the dirty clothes in a wet bag! Going swimming at a public pool or friends house? Use a wet bag for the wet clothes! Are you a pumping mom? A wet bag is great to transport used pump parts in! BeBe Au Lait has some beautiful wet bags! BeBe Au Lait wet bags come in two different sizes, Petite and Grand. BeBe Au Lait wet bags are not your typical wet bag, they are wet AND dry bags! There is a zippered water proof section for wet items and a zippered cotton section for dry items! This is super handy and convenient.


The Petite BeBe Au Lait wet and dry bag is 5.7 inches wide and 6.5 inches tall. There is a zippered compartment that is water resistant for wet items and a zippered compartment that is lined with cotton for dry items. The Petite BeBe Au Lait wet and dry bag is perfect for cloth breast pads. I have often had to change my cloth breast pads while out and about and never wanted to put them inside my diaper wet bag. YUCK! I always seem to forget to bring a smaller, extra wet bag for my dirty cloth breast pads. It is not hard to remember to bring my Petite BeBe Au Lait wet and dry bag. Not only does it hold my dirty cloth breast pads, it also holds my clean ones! Now I do not need to carry 2 bags for my breast pads, I only need to carry 1! No more fumbling around for 2 bags, unzipping both and trying to remove, replace and put away my breast pads. With the Petite BeBe Au Lait wet and dry bag I can grab just one bag, unzip both compartments, remove my dirty pad, put it in the wet part, take out a dry pad in a few easy movements. Less time putting things away means more time with my baby. I can fit one mama cloth in the wet section and one mama cloth in the dry section. When I am out and about, 2 mama cloths are all I need! Petite BeBe Au Lait wet and dry bag would also be great for make up and other personal items.

The Grand BeBe Au Lait wet and dry bag is 12.6 inches wide and 9.8 inches tall. The Grand BeBe Au Lait wet and dry bag also has 2 zippered compartments, 1 that is water resistant and 1 that is cotton lined. The size of the Grand BeBe Au Lait wet and dry bag makes it perfect for diapers, swimming suits, or a dry change of clothes! Anything really, the options are endless. I love using my Grand BeBe Au Lait wet and dry bag for cloth diapers. I can store my clean diapers in the 100% cotton lined zippered compartment and store my dirty diapers in the 100% polyester lined water resistant compartment. This makes it easy to locate the clean diapers inside my diaper bag and makes it easy to have my clean diapers and my wet bag on hand at each diaper change. Because I no longer have to carry around 2 bags, a wet bag for dirty diapers and a small bag for clean diapers, I now have a bit more room in my diaper bag for other items! I can fit 4 clean diapers, a long sleeve onsie, a pair of pants and an extra cloth diaper cover in the dry section with room to spare, and there is lots of room in the wet section. This eliminates not only a wet bag and a bag to carry my clean diapers in, this also eliminates a third bag I would normally have in my diaper bag to carry a clean set of clothing.

What I really love about the BeBe Au Lait wet and dry bags are the ability to combine 2 bags into 1. I can have both my clean and dirty items near each other. This makes it easy to grab the bag I want, and to only grab 1 bag. I can take my clean items out of one side and put the dirty items in the other side. When I am out and about with my kids, having less items to grab is wonderful! Struggling over a wiggling baby, either nursing or changing her diaper, is never fun. The BeBe Au Lait wet and dry bags make this a little easier for me. Anything that makes a wiggling baby easier is a win in my book!

You can buy your Petite BeBe Au Lait wet and dry bag online for $14 and your Grand BeBe Au Lait wet and dry bag online for $20. They come in many different patters and designs, with new ones being added often! You can purchase the same design for both bags, or different designs for each. You can purchase one design for one child, and a different design for another! Make things super easy and color coordinated! There is free shipping if you spend $75!

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