BabyFest NW Portland’s Biggest Baby Shower My Experience And Review

I recently attended BabyFest NW Portland’s Biggest Baby Shower. I have heard about this event before but never lived close enough to attend it. This was my first year and I must say, we all had fun!

Bunny and Baby Sister accompanied me to BabyFest NW, Portland’s Biggest Baby Shower. There were a decent amount of booths this year with a lot of variety. I especially loved the belly painting. I was sad I was not able to take advantage of this booth, especially since I was 39 weeks pregnant! They were so popular there were no available time slots open.

There were so many speakers I was not able to see them all! There were so many wonderful speakers they had two separate areas! I did catch a bit of the daddy get together. It was funny and entertaining. BabyFest NW, Portland’s Biggest Baby Shower is not just for moms!

My girls really enjoyed the Paul Mitchell booth. We had our nails done by students. It was great fun! After that I headed over to the Vela Acupuncture and Wellness booth. They tried to do acupuncture on me but my girls were very upset about that. Instead they applied a few pressure points on my body to help with labor and delivery. I was 39 weeks and 5 days pregnant so this was okay to do. Side note, I had baby 2 days later on his due date.

There were so many wonderful booths! I loved the Six Stix gourmet pretzels. The Little Handfuls Organic booth was delicious! These are healthy snacks for little ones. I enjoyed them as well! A new product I discovered is the new Grass Fed infant formula by Munchkin. It is formula made from 100% grass fed milk. One of my favorite booths was Baby Nest Birth Services. They had some bath salts out to make a little cupful to enjoy. After BabyFest NW, Portland’s Biggest Baby Shower was over I went home and took a lovely bath using these bath salts!

I had the pleasure of meeting the owners and creators of the Little Hopper by Kangaroo Karry. This baby carrier allows you to carry baby on your front or, when baby is older, to carry baby on your hip without strain! I am excited to use this to help carry Baby Sister!

Ardo was there this year and I was pleased to see their booth. I have reviewed their Calypso breast pump and was given a hand pump, the Amaryll Essentials, to try this year. I discovered a new (to me) company, 100% Pure, Purity Cosmetics. I love the array of products they have and can not wait to try some! I love finding new brands at these events!

Both my girls and I were excited to find the Grapple toy tether! It is so neat! This is perfect for my two year old AND my new baby! No more dirty toys.

The Macaroni Minx Pregnasaurus is such a cute story for moms to be! It is a wonderful story of a mom’s journey through pregnancy and delivery.

I was excited to meet Megan of Fit4Mom, a wonderful fitness group geared towards moms and their babies. I love that there are workouts that incorporate baby! I do not leave my babies until they are a year old and Fit4Mom is a great way to work out while keeping baby close! I stopped by the It Works! booth and gained some more knowledge about their products. I am excited to try that crazy wrap once I am done nursing! These two together can make quite the difference!

The Luna Wellness booth was offering chair massages. I was not able to get one that day, but I am definitely going to stop by for a full massage soon!

I absolutely LOVED the nursing/feeding baby space the MOB set up. It was amazing! I did not use it as I was too busy walking around and Baby Sister was too busy to nurse.

Both of my girls had a blast! My only regret is not taking pictures of the three of us and my massive belly! There were so many activities for the girls to do. They did not want to leave, even after being there for 6 hours!

If you are in the area you should definitely check out next years BabyFest NW in Portland. If you can not wait that long, you are in luck! BabyFest NW has an event in Seattle on September 23, 2017! Click HERE for more information!


I received free admission in exchange for a review. My thoughts and views are my own. I had a blast at BabyFest NW and can not wait to go again!

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