babybay bedside sleeper Coming Soon!!!

I am so excited! The babybay bedside sleeper is coming to the USA! I have been watching and waiting for this product to be available in the USA for a couple of years now. Why am I so excited?! Please let me tell you why!


The babybay bedside sleeper is a bedside bassinet that is actually level with your bed! baby bay bedside sleeper is adjustable so it fits ANY bed! When I had my first baby almost 3 years ago, I tried most of the bedside sleepers on the market. I ended up returning them all because, even though they were attached to my bed, there was a metal bar or a drop from my bed to the bedside sleeper. I couldn’t gently scoot my baby into her own bed when I was done nursing. I couldn’t nurse my baby in the beside sleeper and roll away. To me, this was a useless bedside sleeper! The whole point of having a bedside sleeper is to not have to move baby, not wake her up, and not have to reposition everything! I had not found a bedside sleeper that met these expectations.

The baby bay bedside sleeper is made from natural solid beech which is naturally antistatic and antibacterial. baby bay bedside sleeper allows you to get more sleep by keeping baby close. By keeping baby close at night mom can more easily breastfeed and doze while breastfeeding. I am so excited to be able to FINALLY have a safe, breastfeeding friendly, baby and mom friendly co sleeping bassinet option! I know so many of my mom friends who want to co sleep with their babies but don’t feel they can do so safely. baby bay bedside sleeper is a safe way to co sleep with your baby while still maintaining your side of the bed and allowing baby to have his or her own space.

Finally, FINALLY baby bay bedside sleeper will be available in the USA! I AM SO EXCITED! I can not wait to receive the baby bay bedside sleeper! Get ready for loads of pictures, way too many words and, of course, a video so you can see just how wonderful baby bay bedside sleeper is!

In the meantime, take a look at baby bay bedside sleeper’s website for more information. Hopefully you are as excited as I am!!!

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