Baby Soy USA Modern ABC Pajama Review

Baby Soy USA is an infant and children’s clothing line. Clothes from Baby Soy are made from soybean protein fiber, eco friendly organic cotton and rayon which is from bamboo. Baby Soy’s baby and tots clothing line are eco friendly and sustainable. All of the snaps and zippers on Baby Soy USA clothing are nickel free and none of the clothing is ever treated with fire retardant chemicals. Baby Soy want to bring eco friendly and affordable baby and children’s clothes to everyone!


Baby Sister was able to try Baby Soy’s Modern ABC Alphabet Footie. We reviewed the letter A. Each letter comes in a specific font and color. The letter A is blue. You can view all of the letters for the Modern ABC Alphabet Footie on Baby Soy’s webiste.

First off, the Modern ABC Alphabet Footie is super duper soft. Like I want to rub it on my face and take a nap soft. Secondly, I LOVE the design of the Modern ABC Alphabet Footie. There are two sets of snaps, one set is to dress baby and the second set is for diaper changes. I LOVE this! Most footies you have to unsnap a good portion of the footie to change a diaper. This leaves baby cold and uncovered. Not good, especially in the middle of the night. I love that with the Modern ABC Alphabet Footie lets me change Baby Sisters diaper without exposing her whole body!

The Modern ABC Alphabet Footie is made from 50% organic cotton and 50% rayon from bamboo. This is why it is so buttery soft! I dislike tags in my clothing and try to find tag less clothing for my children as well. The Modern ABC Alphabet Footie is tag less! Score! My favorite part of the Modern ABC Alphabet Footie is it is machine washable. I don’t have time, and don’t want to make time, to hand wash or dry clean my kids clothes. I love soft, easy to clean baby clothes!

Baby Sister loves her Modern ABC Alphabet Footie. The Modern ABC Alphabet Footie runs true to size. It is roomy, super soft and looks incredibly comfortable!


The Modern ABC Alphabet Footie comes in a few sizes. The 0-3 month and 3-6 month sizes have built in reversible mittens on each sleeve. The bigger sizes, 6-12 months and 12-18 months do not have the built in reversible mittens. You can buy your Modern ABC Alphabet Footie online for $29.

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