Baby Rescue Rapid Evacuation Device Review

Baby Rescue Rapid Evacuation Device is a safety device that allows you to safely and quickly lower your baby or small child to safety. Baby Rescue is meant to be used on a multistory building like a second story (or larger) house or an apartment building. Baby Rescue is only intended to be used on buildings with less than 5 stories. Baby Rescue should only be used to lower a baby or small child from an upper floor window or balcony when there are no other ways to escape.


Baby Rescue is very easy to use. In the event of a fire, call 911. After you have called 911 bring your baby or small child into the room where you need to lower them to safety and close the door before opening the window. Then remove Baby Rescue from its outer nylon pouch. Open the rescue bag and place your baby or small child inside (max weight 75 pounds). Next, completely close the top of the bag and secure the safety clip. This is very important, if the safety clip is not fastened securely, your baby or small child could fall out. Next, remove and uncoil the grip line. Make sure the grip line is not tangled and is attached to Baby Rescue. While holding onto the grip line, lower the bag hand over hand from the balcony or window to a safe landing.

Baby Rescue is made from the same materials used in U.S. emergency response equipment. Baby Rescue has a water resistant outer layer and its soft design conforms to your baby or child’s body. Baby Rescue has a mesh breathable section. Baby Rescue is manufactured in an ISO certified facility and has a replacement guarantee.

Baby Rescue should be stored near the window it will used with. Do not store in direct sunlight, a damp environment, or at elevated temperatures. It is recommended to replace Baby Rescue every 10 years. Do not unwind the grip line until you need to use Baby Rescue. If you accidentally unwind the grip line, you must re secure it and can do so with instructions included with Baby Rescue.

It is IMPORTANT to note that Baby Rescue is NOT made from heat or fire resistant material. You can NOT lower your baby or small child in Baby Rescue through or near flames. Baby Rescue is to be used ONE time only. Once you use Baby Rescue, please contact Safety International for a free replacement. Baby Rescue is to be used with babies and small children under 75 pounds. Do NOT use with a child who is over 75 pounds. The grip line (safety lowering line) is approximately 60 feet long. You should estimate the distance from your location to the safe landing spot and do not use Baby Rescue if the distance is greater than 6o feet. 60 feet is usually 5 stories or less.

You can purchase Baby Rescue online for $119.95. Baby Rescue comes in Angel White or Safety Orange.


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