Baby K’tan SmartGear Diaper Bag Review

Baby K’tan is known for their baby carrier, the Baby K’tan. Baby K’tan has now come out with a SmartGear Diaper bag! I have a few friends who were very excited for this bag to be released. I must say, it is a lovely bag. The SmartGear Diaper bag SmartGear Diaper bag is BPA-Free, PVC-Free, has polyurethane laminate waterproof interior lining, and 100% cotton exterior.


The Baby K’tan SmartGear Diaper bag is unique in that it has a built in wet bag with antibacterial lining. The SmartGear Diaper bag is lined with a unique anti-microbial medical-grade FDA approved nylon that is resistant against the growth of germs and odor causing bacteria. SmartGear Diaper bag is 100% washable.


The SmartGear Diaper bag is also food safe! There are 3 pockets on the SmartGear Diaper bag that have the food safe lining. There is one large outer pocket and two smaller inner pockets. These pockets are lined with anti-microbial, water-resistant, odor-resistant, FDA food-grade lining to prevent germ growth and contain smell. This means I have a food safe pocket to put Bunny’s snacks in. If the crackers crumble, the banana gets smashed, the grapes leak, and any other food mess happens, my diaper bag is safe and contains all this mess! Best part it, I can toss the entire SmartGear Diaper bag into my washing machine! All three of these pockets on the SmartGear Diaper bag are great for wet or dry items. I love to use the large outer pocket as my wet bag and the two smaller pockets for food and snacks.

Have you ever had your wet bag leak? Or smell? Or get damp? I definitely have! Especially on longer outings. The large outer wet bag pocket on the SmartGear Diaper bag eliminates this mess! I can use the large outer pocket on the SmartGear Diaper bag as my wet bag, or I can store my other wet bag in here. That way if my wet bag happens to leak or get damp, none of my clean items will be contaminated and need to be washed and cleaned. The wet bag pockets on the SmartGear Diaper bag make this bag an awesome way to keep your bag clean with kids!


There is more to the SmartGear Diaper bag than the built in wet bag. The SmartGear Diaper bag has 12 pockets, which I love. I love keeping (or trying to keep) my diaper bag organized. It makes life so much easier for me if I know where everything is in my diaper bag, and it is very helpful if things stay where I put them. The 12 pockets on the SmartGear Diaper bag make this dream a reality!


There are two main compartments of the SmartGear Diaper bag. The first main compartment is the built in wet bag. The second main compartment is a large, open space to fill with your baby essentials. In this compartment there are 5 pockets, 3 elastic pockets on one side and 2 antimicrobial lined pockets on the other side. The 3 elastic pockets are perfect for storing clothes, pacifiers, diapers, wipes, whatever you need! I love to put a change of clothes for Bunny in one of these pockets, a change of clothes for Baby Sister in the second pocket and a few bibs/burp rags in the third pocket. These pockets might look small but they are actually very large! I love that I have all the changes of clothes handy yet safely tucked out of the way where they won’t get dirty. I love to put my snacks and my kids’ snacks in the 2 antimicrobial pockets on the inside. The rest of this compartment is great for everything else!

On the outside of the SmartGear Diaper bag there are 5 pockets. The front has 1 large pocket with a magnetic clasp, 1 side has a mesh pocket perfect for a bottle, the back has 2 open pockets perfect for toys, keys, a water bottle, blankets, and many other things, and the other side has 1 small pocket with a fold over velcro flap perfect for a cell phone, keys or a pacifier.

The SmartGear Diaper bag also comes with stroller straps! These straps can be attached to your stroller so you can store your diaper bag easily and out of the way while you walk! The SmartGear Diaper bag has a large, adjustable shoulder strap for carrying. The strap is easy to adjust and has a little bit of padding on it to make it more comfortable to wear.

You can purchase your SmartGear Diaper bag online for $59.95. As of now the SmartGear Diaper bag is available in chevron stripe, black and dandelion.

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