Baby Jogger City Mini vs. City Lite Stroller Comparison

At first glance the City Mini and the City Lite strollers look pretty similar. They are so similar I remember scratching my head and wondering what the differences are. If you are confused as to which stroller is the best one for you, you are in the right place! I will compare these strollers side by side with photos and a video. Not much for words? Skip down to the bottom for the video!

The differences between the City Mini and the City Lite are the City Mini is a higher end version of the City Lite. The City Mini has a one hand fold while the City Lite claims to have a one hand fold but it really takes two hands. The City Mini has a nicer seat than the City Lite. The City Mini can be used as a travel system while the City Lite can not. The City Mini has a few accessories that the City Lite does not have such as the car seat adapter and the bassinet. The City Mini is a touch taller than the City Lite. The City Mini’s sun canopy folds into the stroller in a better way aesthetically and for the child in the seat, whereas the City Lite folds like a typical stroller. The Citi Mini has a longer and larger sun canopy than the City Lite. The City Lite has a third storage pocket by the handlebar whereas the City Mini only has two storage pockets. The City Mini has 4 slots to adjust the harness whereas the City Lite only has 3. They both have an under seat basket for storage but the City Mini has a larger basket than the City Lite. City Mini has 8 inch wheels and City Lite has 10 inch rear wheels and 7 inch front wheels. The City Mini weighs 18 pounds and the City Lite weighs 17 pounds.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 11.16.59 PM

The similarities of the City Mini and the City Lite are they both have the same type of seat and recline system. Both recline almost flat but not completely flat. Both have a storage pocket on the back of the seat and underneath the seat. Both fold pretty flat and are easy to carry and store. Both have locking front wheels.

Read the full review of the City Mini and the City Lite to gain in depth information and details.

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2 thoughts on “Baby Jogger City Mini vs. City Lite Stroller Comparison”

  1. I will probably go with the city mini because it offers the possibility of a car seat connect which will be good for resale, its a bit larger , has a longer handle bar for my very tall husband and only one step to fold.

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