Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller Review

The City Mini stroller by Baby Jogger is a pretty neat stroller. It combines fashion with functionality. The City Mini is a lightweight, forward facing, everyday stroller. The City Mini is made by Baby Jogger but it is NOT a jogging stroller. The City Mini does have the look of a jogging stroller with 2 wheels in back and a 2 wheels connected creating a single wheel look in front but please be aware this is NOT a jogging stroller and should never be used as such.

The City Mini is a very lightweight stroller coming in at 17 pounds. My favorite feature of the City Mini is the compact and incredibly easy fold. The City Mini has a one hand fold which is incredibly easy to do. It really only takes one hand! There is a strap on the seat of the City Mini. Pull this and the stroller effortlessly folds into a compact size which is easily carried. I can hold my 1 year old in one arm and fold the City Mini with the other AND carry it to my car all in the same move. This is so convenient. I wish every stroller folded as easily as this one! When the City Mini folds it automatically locks the stroller onto itself so you can go from folding to carrying in one easy movement.

The canopy on the City Mini as a UV protectant of 50+. It also has an extra long canopy that can extend to cover most of the seat. On the canopy are two windows so you can always see baby when you need to. Each window can be rolled and secured so you can continuously watch baby. I love how far theCity Mini canopy extends. Sometimes that sun is relentless! With this canopy I can always get the sun out of my baby’s eyes.

The canopy is also adjustable on the City Mini. It can be raised or lowered to help cover a smaller or larger baby. When baby is small lower the canopy to help cover baby’s body and when baby gets bigger raise the canopy to give them more head space.


The seat on the City Mini is forward facing only. It does not have a removable seat. The seat has an easy to use recline device. On the back of the seat there is a clip that you squeeze together and tighten or loosen the straps which will raise or lower the seat back. The seat can recline pretty far. It is almost completely flat, but does not lay 100% flat. It is really easy to adjust the seat when there is no child in the seat. It is still very easy to recline the seat with a child in the seat but raising the seat with an infant or child in the seat does take a little extra effort. I have not tried this with a child under 20 pounds, it could be easier with a smaller baby.


1 year old

Fully reclined 3 year old.


The seat on the City Mini is very nice and looks comfortable. It has a 5 point harness system that comes with padding. The harness has 3 ways to adjust it. The shoulder harness has 4 levels on the seat much like a car seat. I can easily remove the harness and rethread it through a different slot to fit my baby perfectly. The straps can also be adjusted on the upper part of the harness and the lower part. This allows you to customize the fit for your baby. My 1 year old and my 3 year old fit really well in the City Mini. The seat on the City Mini also has a breathable mesh panel at the top. When the seat is fully reclined you can see the breathable mesh. This helps to keep baby cool and allows nice airflow.

Fully upright 1 year old.

Fully upright 3 year old.

The City Mini seat has a very nice foot rest for baby. It is a stationary foot rest but it is lovely non the less. My 3 year old finds this foot rest comfortable. It certainly looks comfortable! My 1 year old is not tall enough to need this foot rest just yet but she does not seem to mind.


The City Mini has a lot of storage built in. On the back of the seat there is a mesh storage pocket. The basket underneath the seat is very large and very easy to get to. If the seat is reclined fully it is a bit of a challenge to get to the basket but when the seat is not reclined fully there is full access. I can fit a very large diaper bag in this under basket. The handle on the City Mini is padded and fits well in my hands. It is nice to hold with the padding and does not irritate my hands.

The brakes on the City Mini are on the back of the stroller. I can easily secure the brake with one foot and can easily release the brake with one foot.

The wheels on the City Mini are 8 inches and are plastic. The City Mini does not have inflatable wheels. The front wheel normally swivels but can be locked if you would like. The City Mini is NOT a jogging stroller. Please do NOT lock the front wheels and jog with the City Mini.

The City Mini does have the option of being a travel system. You can purchase a car seat adapter separately. You can also purchase a bassinet that attaches to the City Mini as well. This makes the City Mini a very versatile stroller.

You can purchase your City Mini online for $247. The City Mini currently comes in black, purple, red, green, teal, gray and sand. Our City Mini is teal.

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