Baby Jogger City Lite Stroller Review

The Baby Jogger City Lite lives up to its name! The City Lite comes in at 16 pounds, lite enough to carry with one arm! The City Lite is a single, forward facing, light weight stroller. The City Lite has some really great features. It is easy to use and small enough to travel with everywhere you go! The City Lite has a compact fold and can fit in any trunk!

The way the City Lite folds is a unique feature. The City Lite folds with little effort. First you push a red button then pull the handle on the seat. The City Lite will fold quickly and effortlessly. The best part is the City Lite automatically locks into the folded position. I can easily fold the City Lite with one hand and carry it to the car all while holding my 1 year old with the other arm!

The City Lite has a nice seat. It looks comfortable and my 1 and 3 year old seem to agree. The City Lite seat back can recline to a near flat position. When the seat is reclined there is a breathable mesh liner on the end that allows airflow so baby never gets too hot. Reclining the seat is pretty easy. There is a clip on the back of the seat. You press this and now you can loosen or tighten the strap. To recline the seat you want to loosen the strap, to raise the seat you want to tighten the strap. It is very easy to recline the seat with a baby or child in the seat but it is not as easy to raise the seat with a baby or child in the seat. There are no set levels of recline so you can customize the recline to the exact spot your baby would like.

1 year old fully reclined. She does not like to lay down 🙂

3 year old fully reclined.


3 year old in the upright position.

1 year old in the upright position.


The canopy on the City Lite is very large. It extends pretty far and covers a decent amount of baby. There are two windows so you can always see baby. Each window has a cover that can be rolled up and kept out of the way so you can keep an eye on baby. This is perfect for when baby falls asleep or is falling asleep. You can see baby without disturbing them.

The handlebar on the City Lite is padded and easy to hold. There is nothing special about the handle. It is stationary and seems to be a decent height.

The wheels on the City Lite are 10 inches in the rear and 7 inches in the front. The front wheel can swivel or lock. The City Lite is a stroller made my Baby Jogger but it is NOT a jogging stroller. It does have the look of a jogging stroller with 2 wheels in back and a 2 in 1 wheel on the front. The front wheel can be stationary but please do NOT use this as a jogging stroller. There is an easy to use brake on the City Lite. I can easily secure and release the brake with one foot.


There is a ton of storage on the City Lite. There is a storage pouch at the top by the handlebar. This is perfect for a couple of diapers, wipes or all of your gear like a cell phone, keys and some snacks. There is also a mesh pocket on the  back of the stroller seat. The City Lite also has a nice big under basket that is easily accessible. When the seat is reclined fully it is a little harder to get to the under basket but when the seat is not fully reclined I have no problem getting to the under basket.

The City Lite currently comes in red, black or sand. You can purchase your City Lite online for $144.

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