Baby Comfy Nail Safety Clipper by BabyComfyCare Review

Baby Sister’s nails grow like crazy! I am always afraid of cutting her skin when I trim her nails. When she was first born and her nails were thin, I would bite her nails instead of using nail clippers. Now that Baby Sister is a little bit older and her nails are thicker, I use Baby Comfy Nail Safety Clippers by BabyComfyCare.


Baby Comfy Nail Safety Clippers are easy to use and make sure I never trim my baby’s skin. Baby Comfy Nail Safety Clippers has a single blade instead of the traditional two blades. The top blade is there and the bottom part is smooth plastic. The bottom plastic part pushes the skin out of the way while the top blade cuts baby’s nails. This set up makes it very difficult to cut baby’s skin while trimmer her nails! Baby Comfy Nail Safety Clippers’ bottom plastic part also stops me from cutting Baby Sister’s nails too short and causing pain.

Baby Comfy Nail Safety Clippers has a unique shape. Baby Comfy Nail Safety Clippers is ergonomic and large size makes it easy to hold. Baby Comfy Nail Safety Clippers are a bright blue and orange which makes it difficult to loose them. I can not tell you how many times I have misplaced other nail clippers and how hard it was to find them. Baby Comfy Nail Safety Clippers stands out, making it easy to spot.


I love our Baby Comfy Nail Safety Clippers. I love the design, how it protects my baby’s skin and nails from being cut too short. I have accidentally cut a baby’s skin when trimming their nails and it is NOT a good feeling. Baby Comfy Nail Safety Clippers makes sure that will never happen again!


You can buy Baby Comfy Nail Safety Clippers online for $14.99. You can also buy Baby Comfy Nail Safety Clippers inside Walgreens stores.

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